How To Enable Push Notification On Your Website?

How To Enable Push Notification On Your Website?: In this article, we are going to show you how to set up the one signal plugin to create web push notifications for visitors that come to your website. Where, if they accept the web push, they can get notifications in their browsers when you post new content. Now, this is something that’s been going on for a couple of years you probably have seen on the internet. Before the advantage is you have 100% delivery rate whereas, with an email, you send an email out with a post you may be filtered out by the spam filters, you may be filtered into the promotions folder, you may be filtered wherever.

How To Enable Push Notification On Your Website?

So, with emails, you are not going for 100% of the delivery in the right manner. Whereas with web notifications you are at this point, stilling getting a hundred per cent delivery to all the people who have allowed the notification. We are going to show you to set that up for free today. All we have to do is go over to plugins and then add new. And, then look up one signal. There’s a very first one up here is when we want if you search for it in two words. One space is the signal you might not find it. So, make sure you search for it as one word. There are 60,000 + active installations, 55 reviews at four and a half stars that are pretty good.

Last Update was six days ago compared with the current version WordPress. All that looks great even, so if you are installing a new plugin, you should probably back up your WordPress files in your post database, just in case because you never know what could go wrong. It’s always nice to have a backup, we are on our website. So, we want to concern about it. We are going to click on Install Now and then activate. We have a new option at the very bottom left-hand menu called One-Signal Push Click Button Settings Page. It says – your setup is not complete.

We need the App ID and the rest API Keys. We are going to get to that in just a minute, but we are going to go through this setup step by step. So, first, we have to follow these steps down below to get web push on our block one. Create a One Signal Account into that just a second. Then, we create the web push App in one Signal which is inside the account that we create in just a second and then we set the web push app following instructions in the web push editor and that is everything.

So, we are just going to click on this, we are going to hold down command control on Windows, click on it to open in a new tab. We are going to create a brand new account by clicking on web push here. Get started, we are going to create an account using our email. You can do with Github, Google or Facebook if you prefer those. We are just going to use our email account and then click on the checkbox that we agree. Click on create an account now, we have to go to our email account and set up the confirmation email and click on the confirmation email.

It’s going to log into my email right now, here’s the mail with a confirmation button. Just click on this big pink or red button. But once you click on that, we are going to have our account confirmed and we will be logged in to it immediately. We have a little tour we can go through if you want to – we can encourage, you to go through the tour, we are going to just create a new app which is Step 2 in our process. And, carry on from there, so we have done step 1 – created the account. Step 2 – we create the app, so let’s do that quickly click on add a new App Name. We are going to call our website, click on create as you can see using one signal for a lot of different services. We are just using it for web push in this example.

It’s going to go with that, then click on next, we have three choices to choose from the second one. It includes WordPress. So, we are going to choose the WordPress website, we are going to choose WordPress from here. Now, here’s the WordPress setup we need. The website name, we have been calling it Once you set all things up, and you have a warning level, so don’t pick a different label, the safari Web ID is used for Safari Browsers notification settings, use the post featured image for the notification icon, we turn that on because that’s always nice having a featured image for Chrome’s large on the Fiction Image.

We also have that on and then we can choose to hide notifications after a few seconds. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Enable Push Notification On Your Website?, still, if you’re facing any questions or problems in regard with How To Enable Push Notification On Your Website? just make sure to let us know your problem in the comment box below.

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