How to Enable Voice Calling Feature on WhatsApp?

Last year there was a buzz in the market when company announced about launching voice feature on Whatsapp in mid of 2014. Nevertheless, this failed to occur. By encouraging a number of random users to try out the calling mode WhatsApp programmers were examining the calling feature. This testing included the quantity of information used to get a traditional VoIP call using WhatsApp through the World Wide Web, the call quality as well as the security involved while calling.

Whatsapp Calling Feature Invite

So that you can get the WhatsApp calling feature the user needed to get an upgraded variant of WhatsApp. A WhatsApp user with the calling feature that is activated subsequently must make a call to user in your whatsapp list in order to activate their WhatsApp newest version. When you get a call, you will see three new tabs, which lists out voice calling group, contacts, and your chats. When a call is received by you, your WhatsApp callling may also be activated and you will be able to make voice calls utilizing the web.

WhatsApp said that once you create a call to a different user (indirectly encouraging them to make use of the attribute), they are able to pass on the invitation to a different user simply by creating a call. Nevertheless, there is a catch to the full episode. Here is an eye opener–if you get a voice call friend, you might not get activated to make future calls.


The attribute has been restricted by WhatsApp into a definite number of zones, devices or users. Therefore, in the event you did get that WhatsApp and call is not activated, it is a higher chance that the attribute has been restricted by WhatsApp so, from their ending.

This is it people about Voice Calling Feature on WhatsApp. For more updates on Voice calling feature of Whatsapp keep reading our posts.

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  1. I think in the new version of Whatsapp you get the call features by default. I go the feature by just downloading the app.

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