How To Proofread An Article Without Professional Proofreaders

How To Proofread An Article Without Professional Proofreaders: So, what’s the big deal about proofreading. Good riding is about a lot more than Good Grammar. Just like Basketball is about more than Good Dribbling. So, why this obsession over typos, misspellings and grammar slips. Two reasons – first judgement. Someone who doesn’t know a dangling participle from dangling dinner guests can spot a typo. That typo can then be used to negatively judge you, your writing, even your intelligence.

How To Proofread An Article Without Professional Proofreaders

Don’t believe us, read an article from the Harvard Business Review. Which says we won’t hire people who use poor Grammar author Kyle Wings as CEO of iFixit. This CEO writes – People who mix up there, it’s and its, deserved to be passed over for a job, even if they are otherwise qualified for the position. We have a zero-tolerance approach to Grammar Mistakes that make people look stupid.

Although there’s no known relationship between intelligence and apostrophes that fact does not prevent others or their employers or teachers from judging you based on easy to spot surface errors. Now, the second reason might surprise you. It’s impossible for us to need to correct that typo. Impossible to accurately proofread your writing. This fact makes it likely, you will leave some type of error unless you take active measures. Why cannot you proofread your work accurately?

You see, when writing your mind, creates a mental image of meaning that you then attempt to transfer to the page. The catch is – while your mental image may be perfect, that ends up on page not when someone else reads your writing the process happens in reverse. The reader looks first at the words on the page. And, then tries to construct a mental image of meaning what a difference – you, the writer have lying on the top of the page like a piece of waxed paper. Your perfect mental image, which can prevent you from seeing clearly – what’s there.

The reader, on the other hand, sees the cold reality of the page, black squiggles on a white background without any filter. That’s why the first proofreading tip is to Ice it. Put the riding away until your mental image has faded and no longer obscures the reality. What’s on the page, but the problem with Ison is time. It can take days or even weeks for that mental image to fade enough. Few people least of all students have that time. So, we need tools, we can apply immediately, one of the best is text to speech. These software programmes let you hear what wrote in someone else’s voice.

In other words, you get to process your writing as a listener, not its creator. There are hundreds of free text to speech programs out there that do the job. Our favourite is a natural reader. It’s a free web-based that makes nothing, download and offers drag and drop. Simplicity for your documents, the natural reader can read ten types of documents. It has 18 English voices and speeds control and it’s a free version. Much other text to speech programs can be found at review websites like And, But, the bottom line is – listening to someone else, read your document helps you know what is and is not on the page.

Another exciting technology for writers is the new AI-based spelling style and grammar checkers. Wait a minute, you say, Microsoft Word has offered it’s built-in auto checkers since 1995. And, you are right, words checkers use simple algorithms based on matching today’s advanced spelling and style. Checkers use Artificial Intelligence to understand the context of What is written to make predictions and give insights about your writing. In such a manner, the world’s one of the most used Artificial Intelligence based tool is Grammarly. Which is now used by millions of users.

There is no comparison between the simple spell checkers of old and today’s advanced systems. Now, there are two of these products – Grammarly and Ginger. Let’s look at Grammarly, the most widely used, most heaving marketed Grammarly is integrated into more platforms than any other product by default. It’s all on always checking without you having to do anything.How To Proofread An Article Without Professional Proofreaders

Grammarly stated goal is to check everything you write on a computer. And, it pretty much does Grammarly not only checks word-processed documents. It’s also at work in every email client, you have weather Gmail or Outlook and also checks your blackboard, discussion board post and automatically checks Facebook posts. Instagram, Snapchat, Google Docs, Twitter, Youtube and many other social media platforms. Now, and in the future, because of its integration with Github, the leading software development platform. Speaking of software development, Grammarly even checks code, Grammarly has free browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox Safari and edge.

But, Grammarly also teaches – for example, rather than merely accepting a correction, the user can choose to See More in Grammarly option. And, learn about all the data mentioned right in there. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Proofread An Article Without Professional Proofreaders, still, if you are facing any questions or problems in regard with How To Proofread An Article Without Professional Proofreaders, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below your exact issue.

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