How to Remove Pattern Lock without Data Loss?

Furthermore of being offering various customization features and support to “Program ecosystem”, Android additionally holds out several security choices like data encryption, password lock, pattern lock etc. to fix sensitive or non-sensitive data saved on the device. Typically, users decide on a password or pattern lock, the clear-cut option to stop their device used by other people.

But, if when you forget what unlock password or pattern of your device? Undoubtedly, you are going to attempt every possible combination till now has been used by you in your system. Well, you are free to offer a chance to get a small amount of times and in the event that you just go on trying subsequently a popup will appear on the display saying, “you have wrongly drawn your unlock pattern/password 5 times.

Android Pattern Lock

The best way to unlock the pattern lock or password is described in following steps.

Step 1

Once you’ve add the memory card to the android device, transfer it and download the Aroma file manager

Step 2

Open your stock retrieval and other devices have their own manner of entering stock recovery, and so I inform you Google it out along together with your android device name. As soon as you have it, enter into stock restoration which will be an interface that is black.

Step 3

Once you reached their use the Volume plus and Volume minus to scroll down and to select use the middle button.

Step 4

Now go to Mount & storage>Mount everything>Mount system>Mount data> Mount afs>Mount preload>Mount SD card>Mount ExternaSD>go back>Install zip from SD card>Choose zip from external SD card

Step 5

Once the Aroma file manager is installed go to settings the select “automount all device on start. Repeat Step 5.

Step 6

Go to Data Folder>system folder> to find the gesturekey. Return to Aroma file manager and restart.

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  4. Hey my name is vikram I’m facing a problem related to my pattern lock I have Moto g turbo edition I havent selected any optional method and have forgotten. My password in locked on my home screen so plz tell me how can I crack it I also don’t wanna lose any data on my phone plz reply in crises

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