How to Restore Corrupt Files?

Sometimes we get really irritated and it usually happens when we try to open a file on our computer system and after hundreds of attempts, fail to do so. Usually these files are corrupted and most of the times, they are really important. If an application does not work properly or a system stop working, files can get corrupted and we are unable to use them. A virus can also be responsible for a corrupt file. Moreover, problems in hard drive can also cause this issue. Now we can recover corrupt file in majority of the situations. Also check out hard drive recovery software here.

Restore Corrupt Files

Make Sure the File is Corrupted before Applying Any Restoration Trick

Usually word files are corrupted. If you cannot open a file, don’t assume that it’s corrupt at the first instance. However, if a file does not open properly, we usually assume that it has been corrupted and try some restoration. But you have to keep in mind that it could be the problem of program as well. Before you try something to rescue it, check another document on the same system, if it opens or not. You can check the same file on another system too, to know if it is corrupted or not. This little exercise can save your time.

Backup Your Precious Data to Avoid Permanent Loss

If you find out that file is corrupt, you have to create a copy for this file, before you go for the recovery of this file. You can save it on another location like hard disk or any removable device. However, try to restore it as soon as possible; the more time you take it will be more difficult for you to restore it back. Moreover, file can be damaged completely during the process of restoration. If you have a copy, you can try to recover it more than once. You can check your email records as well, as you might have sent the uncorrupted copy of this file to someone. You can also check out iOS backup options.

Run CHKDSK to Get Your File Back

You can check your file by running CHKDSK. Sometime, it can help you to get your file back. Open your word file and save it in some other format like TXT. Usually, it can restore the file, as problem might be with the codes. If it does not work, use hex editor and get whatever is possible, manually.

chkdsk command

Text Converter to Restore Original Document

You can also use text converter. Select file and open it before you select corrupted one. Select recover text, from the type list and try to open the specific file. It works like a filter and uses ASCII text from word file. You can lose graphics and formatting but you will get text. However, only 97 – 2003 versions are supported by this feature. This option is available in Word XP. For windows vista, it can save to the hard drive as another copy.

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