How To Start A Blog? Easy Steps For Beginner’s

Blogging is the most common way to earn money online. There are many people getting their start in blogging field for the sake of earning money. If you are also willing to start your career as blogger then you will learn complete guide on how to start a blog in this post. But there are some steps which you should have to follow in order to become a successful blogger in the blogging community. You have to follow the right path for blogging to make yourself successful in blogging. Let’s start our guide step by step.

How to blog

Setting Up Your Blog

There is a wrong perception in the minds of people that anyone can become a professional blogger in few days. No, it’s not true. The path of blogging need lots of patience and hard work to attain success. What is the first thing which you should consider while starting your career in blogging? That first step is niche selection.

Niche Selection

The first and initial step to start a blog is the selection of niche or category for your blog. This is the most important part of your blogging career. You would have to choose a niche which is perfect for you. Now the question is that which niche is best for you? The best niche for you is that in which you have interest and knowledge. If you don’t know about cars and have no interest in them, then you cannot continue your blogging career. So, the simple first rule is to select the niche of your blog according to your interest.

There is another confusion trouble the fresh blogger about niche selection which is CPC rate. CPC stands for cost per click which means that how much you will earn on each click. There are few niches in blogging which are having high CPC like health, finance, and insurance. But if you don’t have knowledge about these fields, then your blogging career will be finished after choosing that kind of niche.

Top 10 Niche: 

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim

Choose Domain Name

After finalizing the niche of your blog, the next step is to choose the domain name for your blog. The domain name is another important factor for starting your blog as it will be the only one contact name through which audience will interact with us. If we talk about search engine optimization point of view, then we should choose a domain which have your primary keyword in it. There are two different type of domain names from which you can choose of your own liking. The first one is Brand Domain and EMD Domain.

The EMD (Exact Match Domain) name will be beneficial for your blog if it has only one topic based blog. But if your blog is on multiple niches, then you can go for brand domain instead of EMD domain. There are different extensions available for domain name like .com and .net. Use domain extension according to your requirements.

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bad :  ( Example )

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The next step after finalizing the domain name is to choose a reliable hosting server. In simple words, we can explain hosting to be a place on the web where your blog content will be stored. So, the host of your blog needs to be reliable. Now, what are the characteristics of a reliable hosting company? Let me tell you the qualities of a reliable hosting companies one by one. Firstly, the speed of their hosts will be optimized and perfect. The second thing involves the support for customers. The hosting company should be available to help you in any case of trouble 24×7. The pricing of hosting is also a considerable point. But you should not compromise on quality and speed for saving few bucks in your pocket.

  • Blue Host ( Recommended)
  • Hostgator ( Recommended 30% off )

Choose Blogging Platform

There are different blogging platforms available for which from which you can choose any. But I would like to suggest you WordPress. There are several reasons to adopt WordPress from which few are described below.

WordPress is user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) and it is SEO ready. It means that your blog will be ranked easily by using WordPress instead of any other CMS platform available on the web.

See :  wordpress vs Blogspot 

Choose Theme For Your Blog

After choosing WordPress as your blogging platform, the next step is to choose a theme for your blog. There are free as well as premium themes available on the web from which you can choose any of our likings. But I would recommend you to buy a premium theme for your blog instead of free one. Because free theme will be sluggish and poorly coded. On the other hand, the premium theme will be responsive as well as user-friendly with amazing design. Themeforest is an online community from which you can buy a theme for your blog. There are many theme designs available on the community from which you can choose any theme according to your blog niche.

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Logo For Your Blog

You may have seen different blogs and websites having their own domain name related logos. So, you should design a stunning logo for your blog. The logo of your blog will help you to enhance your blog personality. The log should have to be clear and elegant with stylish looks. Because it will help you to grab the attention of readers toward your blog.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are pretty useful feature in WordPress. There are a number of plugins available in WordPress from which you should choose only required ones. You can use these plugins to optimize the overall blog experience. But make sure not to use plugins excessively as they will make your blog heavy. Then your blog loading time will be increased which will affect your ranking in search engine.

  • Seo by yoast
  • Smush it
  • Jetpack
  • contact form 7
  • Suscribe form

Content is King

After setting up your blog, the next phase is to put content in your blog. The content of any blog is the main area of interest for readers. So, if you want to become a successful blogger. Then you have to ensure that your blog contains error free and unique content. The content should have to be related to the niche of your blog.

  • Interlinking

On Page SEO

Search engine optimization is a technique which will help your blog to get high ranking in search engine results. There are two major types of SEO, one is on page and second is off page. The on page SEO is relevant to the content of your blog along with meta description and keywords usage. The content of your blog needs to have proper usage of keywords along with SEO friendly title of each blog post.

On page Factors

  • MetaTags
  • Sitemap
  • Robot.txt
  • Image alt Tags
  • Content
  • Bold Strong
  • Inter Linking
  • Responsive
  • Website Page Speed
  • webmaster tool & Google anylytics

URL structure

Good Structure : ( )

Bad :

Off Page SEO

The second type of SEO is off page SEO which is most commonly known as backlinks. In order to increase your blog views and ranking, off page SEO help you in these areas. There are different ways which you can adopt to increase your blog backlinks. The commonly used methodology is guest posting and blogs commenting. The process of posting an article on another blog for the sake of do-follow backlink is known as guest posting. By using these methods, you can become a successful blogger.

Off page Factors

 Social Media Exposure

The use of social media networks is increasing day by day. People use these networks to stay connected with their loved ones. You can use these networks to promote your blog. There are many social networks available on the web from which Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most famous ones. You should create accounts and fan pages in these networks while starting your new blog. After creating pages, share your content in those pages to attract social media readers. You will get a massive increase in your traffic once you will start exposing your site on social media websites.

Build Email List

Once you start receiving plenty of traffic from search engines, then you should start building your email lists. There are many reasons to build email lists. When someone get subscribed to your blog, then he will be your regular visitor because he will be able to receive latest updates of your blog via email. So, it is important to build an email list for your blog. When you will have thousands of email subscribers in your list, then you can promote any product by sending your readers email. You can also sell products with your email subscribers and can enjoy commission on each sale.

  • Aweber
  • Mail Chimp
  • Subscription Box

So, this was all about starting a blog for absolute beginners. The last but not the least thing which I would like to advice you is patience. You will have to bear a lot in order to become a successful blogger. Because in the start you will have nothing in your pockets, but you will have to spend a lot of time on your blog. Once you have established your blog correctly, then your pockets will be full of money. If you find any difficulty in reading this lengthy post, then feel free to comment below. We will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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