How to use Parallel Space & How to use Two WhatsApp in your Mobile?

How to use Parallel space & How to use Two WhatsApp in your Mobile?

How to use Parallel Space, You must have heard people talking about that; you can create two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone, right? Well, this is true. You can do this, and if you are thinking about how it is possible, then you should read this whole blog.

Typically, people with dual SIM phone need a provision of installing two WhatsApp accounts. And it is just not about the two WhatsApp accounts, but if you want to install two Facebook accounts or any other app with two accounts in a single phone, then how you will do it?

In such cases, Parallel space is your ultimate solution.

An Overview of Parallel Space

For an Android phone, there is an app called “Parallel space” which allows you to run multiple accounts of any app. This app empowers you to create the dual accounts easily and quickly of any app. For instance, you can install two Instagram, two WhatsApp and multiple accounts of any available app.

How to use the Parallel Space to Install two WhatsApp Accounts in one Phone?

  1. First and foremost you are required to download and install the app of Parallel space from Play Store Download here.parallel space - How to use Parallel Space
  2. Once, it gets installed successfully. Open the Parallel space app and click the “+” icon.

    Select apps - How to use Parallel Space

  3. Now, from the given list select the “WhatsApp”.

    Select Whatsapp - How to use Parallel Space

  4. Then you are required to set up a new WhatsApp account with new credentials.

    verify whatsapp - How to use Parallel Space

  5. This is it! You have successfully installed two WhatsApp accounts on your phone.
  6. One last action required is to “turn on” the Swipe in parallel space app. For that, you have an obligation to go to “Settings” on your phone and turn on the Swipe to Parallel Space.

How can you access the contacts in Parallel Space WhatsApp?

  1. It is important that you first update the Parallel Space app.
  2. Once you are done that, now access your contacts through WhatsApp app, immediately it will ask you to give access permission to Parallel Space. Once you complete this step, you will be able to access your contacts.
  3. However, if you still experience any problem in accessing your contacts, simply go to your “app permission menu”. Then allow the app of Parallel Space to read your contacts.
  4. Now, switch back to Parallel Space app, and now certainly you will be able to access your contacts.

Features of Parallel Space

  • Small file size, which is 2MB only
  • It enables you to run multiple accounts of any Android app
  • Switch with “Swipe” option
  • Manage app data with Storage Manager
  • There is also a separate Storage Manager to manage the apps running in Parallel Space.

Do I need to Root My Phone for Parallel Space?

No, the phone does not require rooting for running the Parallel Space. The app does not require any permission, and the size of the app is just 2MB. It is a safe process, and you can have dual accounts of any installed Android app. The entire process will take 2-3 minutes of your time.

In my personal opinion, it is a great app which easily lets me access two WhatsApp and Facebook accounts in one Android phone. Moreover, it has no hassle installation process.

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