How to Use TeamViewer Remote Support & Online Meeting Software

TeamViewer is registered computer software. Team viewer package offers remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. It is free software which is mostly used for remote screen sharing for non-commercial and personal use. This software is easy to use software through which you can take control of another computer. The developers of this software made sure that Team viewer can be used on all major operating systems which includes Windows, Linux and Mac OS. TeamViewer is also available on smartphones with IOS and Android operating system. This makes the connection of smart phones with computers easier.Video calling is also adding in the latest version of TeamViewer, which puts this software into the list of app for video calling.


Following are the steps to use TeamViewer software for the newbies:


Installation process of TeamViewer is normal and a simple one. You have to download the setup file from the net, and then run the setup file. Running the setup file will give you two options:

  • Install
  • Run

For the frequent use of the software you should go with the first option and install it on your computer, else you can run the software.


After running the software a screen will be displayed on which you can view ID and password on the left pane and create session ID on the right side

The ID and password on the right side of the screen is to be given to the person who wants to control your computer.

There are several uses of TeamViewer such as the following:

  • Remote Support
  • Presentation
  • File transfer
  • VPN connection
  • Video calling
  • Audio Calling

Connecting to a user:

The Create Session tab on the right side of the window is used to connect to the other computer you wish to connect. The other person will provide you with his ID and password which is given under the wait for session on the left side of the window. This ID and password is to be enterd in the create session box to start the session. Once you have his ID and password. Enter his ID into Create session box and on the next pop up enter his password.

After the entering of ID and password you will be able to see the computer screen of your partner which enables you to do anything on his computer. The TeamViewer bar on the window allows the users to switch controls among themselves. Multiple users can be connected at one time.

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TeamViewer bar:

Any session can be recorded by the users, by clicking on the Extra and then Record tab on the TeamViewer bar. Recorded file is saved in .tvs format and this file can only be viewed inside the TeamViewer. Your partner can also see what you are doing on his computer which makes group work easy.

For non-commercial use this software is free while for the paid version you will have to buy this software. TeamViewer is very resourceful and amazing software for providing remote support and for collaborating and online meeting. This basic newbie guide to use TeamViewer software will help you get started with this useful software, hoping that this guide has helped you.

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