How to Install Prisma App in PC Laptop Windows 7/8/10

How to Install Prisma App in PC or Laptop Windows 7/8/10

If you are on Instagram or actively uses the social channels, then you must have come across the lots of camera pictures converted into an elegant art piece.

It has all happened with the release of one application called “PRISM”. It is a brand new photo or image editing app containing lots of filter in it.

Install Prisma app - How to Install Prisma App in PC

It is not like other photo editing apps available in the marketplace, but it makes the beautiful piece of art by adding the filters to images. Regarding filters, Prism has left all other photo editing apps behind, and I am sure that it will amaze you.

Before the arrival of Prisma, app people tend to use the Instagram filters to refine their photos and to look differently.

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Prisma App is developed on the iTunes, which makes it hard to find on any other smartphones. It implies if any person wishes to install the Prism app on their smartphone is required to use the Prism APK file. Similarly, if you want to Prisma App in PC Laptop Windows 7/8/ten, then you have to go through the Prism APK file only.

Download APK For Android


Features of Prisma App

Prisma is the best and new photo editing application which enhances the pictures in a different way. Below you can read some of the best features of Prisma app:

  • You can only make your pictures look beautiful using the Prisma app.
  • Give your photos a new look without much effort using its unique filters.
  • The best filter of Prisma app is it lets you turn your photos into an art of paintings which looks quite creative and intriguing.
  • It is free to download and easy to use with smooth interface.
  • Also, you can share your edited pictures on all your social networking sites including, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many others.

Installation of Prisma App in PC Laptop Windows 7/8/10?

Download Prisma for PC Windows 7/8/10 Using Bluestacks

Having said that, the only way to get the Prisma app on Windows OS devices is through Bluestacks. Also, to get the IOS app on your Windows PC, we need the Android to PC to install. Follow these steps to install the Prisma app with the help of Bluestacks emulator:

  1. Follow the link below to download the Bluestacks emulator. (
  2. Make sure you install the complete version of the emulator and click on install.
  3. Now, open the emulator and click on the top right corner for search option.


  1. For you, PC downloads the Prisma APK file
  2. Now right click on the app and select to install with the Bluestacks
  3. Once the results are displayed using the Prism to install on Windows OS
  4. In just a few seconds App will be downloaded and installed on Bluestacks emulator.

Eventually, the Prisma app is available on your Windows PC by using the emulator. When you launch the emulator in your Windows PC, its icons will appear in the Bluestacks menu. So start using the Prisma on PC with Bluestacks emulator.

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