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It is well known fact that iPhone 6 brags some really great specs. It has a 5.5” Retina High-Def display, A8 64 bit chip plus a 8 MP iSight rear camera that make the gadget a standout amongst the most effective cell phones ever available in the market.

Each iPhone 6 accompanies Apple’s new operating system iOS 8, which is able to do some awesome features such as application extensions, gadgets, graphics that are beyond anyone’s imagination.

Apple has designed lots of applications that highlight the new capacities of iOS 8.  If you want to know, what are the top 6 apps that are available in Apple store for iPhone 6?….. Then just read below.

1) EyeEm

Eye em iphone 6 apps

In the event that you need to snap a flawless picture, you must be on the ball. In this situation, a photograph application like EyeEm truly makes its mark. EyeEm highlights a speedy and simple interface, permitting you to catch a picture, rapidly altering and resizing it and afterward proceed onward for the following shot.

Allowed to download for free from the Apple Store, this app highlights filter overlays, which can be cycled by a simple swipe of your finger. EyeEm is additionally attuned with its own social network, empowering efficient saving and sharing of pictures.

2) Photoshop Touch

If you are ravenous for a superior scope of editing tools to balance your iPhone 6 HD images, Photoshop Touch could be the best choice for you. Created by those super experts of the photograph editing programming world, Photoshop Touch from Adobe is the pocket-sized form of the organization’s more renowned desktop item.

This app has been adulated for the effortlessness of its client interface that, instead of constraining the product’s ease of use, makes the application especially instinctive and comprehensive. There are couples of applications accessible that make such great utilization of the iPhone 6′s HD image capture plus strong processing capacities.

3) Snapseed

There are instances when it’s important to adjust the top of the line photograph taking capacities of the Apple’s iPhone 6 from a trusted networking framework with the far reaching features presented by the Photoshop Touch. For these circumstances, Snapseed can be very beneficial for you.

This free application gives more editing alternatives than most acclaimed names such as Hipstamatic and Instagram, without trading off on usability and speed. This makes Snapseed among the top photograph applications of iPhone 6. Snapseed presents an extensive variety of filters and also amazing effects that permit you to make interesting, bespoke impacts with just a couple of taps on the touchscreen.

4) VSCO Cam

To get most of the functionality of the iPhone 6, you’re going to require an application that truly puts the gadget on peak. The most recent rendition of the amazing VCSO Cam application has been particularly crafted to acquire the best outcomes from the iPhone 6. As the iPhone 6 has an extensive 5.5” Retina High-Def display and an 8 MP iSight cam, this application is flawless to augment this astral gadget. Besides, the application is allowed to download for free from the Apple App Store.

5) Retrica

Numerous challengers are as of now debilitating Instagram’s position as the top social photograph sharing platform. A noteworthy contender for Instagram’s tiara is Retrica, a simple to-utilize photograph editing application with a more great scope of tools and filters than its more celebrated cousin.

6) 1Password

1Password safely stores all your passwords, logins, credit card infos and login Ids in one spot so you don’t need to stay informed regarding them. This app’s new iOS 8 application extension will currently fill in your login ids and passwords automatically from Safari and from

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