Is Your Website Really Down or it’s Just You?

It happens many times with almost everyone that your blog, website, portfolio or any others website could be social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. is showing down on your system but your friends find that website is Up on their system and they are actually using that website. This happens because sometime your website is actually down and sometime their is some issues with your website that make you can’t access it. The issue is with you internet service provider’s (ISP’s) DNS server, in this situation you system is not sending the correct address to locate the website. The reasons could be many for this like restarting you modem, back end issue with your internet provider,

On this kind of situations we always got irritated, but their is an online tool available which can check about this kind of situations and will let you know if the website is down for just you or it is down for everyone.

The tool is that will tell you if its just you, or the website is down for everyone.

How to use that tool:

You just have to put the URL of the website you want to check and then click on a link  Or Just Me? .

The tool will show a simple text massage about the website online status at that time, if the website is UP it will show a massage like this:

And if the website is down it will show the status in same way saying It’s not just you the website is down for everyone.

The tool is simple to use and quite helpful for everyone. So give it a try this tool is worth Bookmarking.

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