How to Keep PC Clean from Virus

Almost every computer user understands or at least has a rough idea of what computer virus is and something bad it does to their computers. Many of you have had their systems infected by a virus and sometimes it is not easy to remove it. Some of you end up paying some computers support provider big money which is sometimes not necessary. So here I will let you know how you can remove a virus by yourself without having to dig into your pocket in order to pay someone for some thing you could have handled.

Well, let us assume you have noticed your computer is running slow. You have run your antivirus and it has detected one or more viruses. You have cleaned them and it is still running slow. You are left wondering, then the idea of running another virus scanner comes in your head and you find out that the same virus is still on your system. How is this possible?

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The truth is that there are some viruses that get into your files on your computer and actually hide. It becomes very difficult to get rid of these viruses and sometimes you may even be left with only one option, to rebuild your computer. However, there are few ways you can go around this.

As you know by now, the virus is proving difficult to handle. So you have to be equipped with online computer help toolkit to help you deal with the virus on multiple levels. For instance you can have adware scanner, spybot scanner, and virus scanner. Also, don’t forget a good registry cleaner. Before you start, check the status of each of your toolkit program, update each of them and download the latest version for each where available. Now you tools are up to date, disconnect you computer system from the internet connection and any other network.

This is important because after some viruses are removed from the computer, they connect to their host and later download and install themselves once again without your knowledge. Run each and every scan tool and after fixing every threat detected, restart your system. Now run all the scanners once more and if you still find the virus there, restart you computer once more. Repeat the procedure again, if by the forth restart the virus is still there, then further action is required and probably you will have to rebuild your system.

If it is gone, scan the registry to remove all the leftovers. This also helps increase your computer speed. Restart your machine once more, reconnect to the internet and run one more scan to ensure the virus is gone.

If it is still there you have to take further steps. You can use your scan tools to locate exactly where the infected files are and remove them from the registry. Be aware that this action can break your computer operating system. Better still, you may seek online computer support.

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