LEO Privacy App Review – The Good, bad and the worse

LEO Privacy App Review

With many of us having our personal information and almost our entire lives is someplace on our phones that makes privacy and security of our phone data a major concern. LEO Privacy Guard is a security application packed with features that try to maintain your information safe and away from anyone looking for this. It is possible for you to lock applications, hide contacts and messages, as well as give your phone a performance increase if it needs it.

However, the burning question is how good does it work or it is just another fluff available in the market on the name of mobile phone data security app.

Let’s find out the good, bad and worse about LEO Privacy Guard App.

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Package Size – Download & Installation

This can be the finest I have seen up to the date. Leo Privacy Guard is compact in size (i.e., 3.7 MB). Well, it is the lightest privacy/security app for Android we have ever reviewed. The app has various characteristics making it much more intriguing, although it is not only the package size that is worth valuing.

It took around 11 MB of entire space, after installing the application.  Here You can download

LEO Privacy Guard setup

Setting up LEO Privacy Guard is rather straightforward. You are given a few splash screens that go on the key characteristics in the app when you open the application, then subsequently you are requested to place a password that only you will receive and make changes inside the app itself. It defaults to your pattern password, but if you prefer, then you can change it into a PIN code. Just in case you forget your password, there is also a security question to fill out to re-access your account.

Features of LEO Privacy Guard Application

  • Applock
  • App Management (Uninstall/Backup/Restore)
  • Privacy Protection for media files, SMS and Call logs
  • Break-in Alert
  • Data Usage Control
  • Anti-theft

The Review on LEO Privacy Guard Usage

LEO Privacy Guard is free, along with the very first action you see will be the little aliens that conceal in the edges of your display. All these are essentially the sole advertising you will notice in the underside apart from a number of banner ads in the app, and for the large part, advertisements are not obtrusive.

The general layout of LEO Privacy Guard is cartoonish. This may be liked by some while others did not appreciate this theme find it. Although, a bit too infantile for a use centred around security, although it’s not bad.

Now it’s time to answer the question right from the start of the review, and the answer is this security app doesn’t operate incredibly well. Interaction is unstable, but the specific security component (which will be the point of the use) is majorly lacking. It will most likely work if you are only thinking about using this program to keep away a younger sibling or nosy friend from your messages or images.

But if you are trying to find a app that can provide actual security for the sensitive information you keep in your telephone, you need to search elsewhere.

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