How To Convert Your Blogpost Into Videos – Lumen5

How To Convert Your Blogpost Into Videos – Lumen5: This guide will solve your every doubt related to how to make great videos using Lumen5. But, first, you also need to focus on things such as Why make a video? It’s a lot easier. Just to you, know to write something up and post that on Facebook or post that on Twitter. Why bother with the video? Well, at this point, online video is making up over 80% of Internet Traffic, which is incredible. 59% of executives, these are people that you usually want to you know target with your brand, would rather watch a video and people retain 90% of a video message vs. 10% ones reading.How To Convert Your Blogpost Into Videos - Lumen5

How To Convert Your Blogpost Into Videos – Lumen5

So, videos are going to do a lot better job of getting people to you. Take in your message and many social networks are starting to prioritize video content. So, what that means is if you post a video, the social network is going to show that to more people than if you are just posting text. So, are not companies doing video – we mean, some are – why are people making the plunge. The big reason is that its just so new, its time consuming, its labour intensive, it’s very expensive, no expertise and lacking tools. Premium tools mainly. You know all this online video stuff especially short video clips that you put on social media have sort of come about in the past couple of years and a lot of companies are struggling to adapt to that now.

This may not come as a surprise to you, but that’s where live and 5 comes in. We are trying to take a process that would typically take a day or more and you know, say something like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro and make it possible to Lumen5. 10 to 30 Minutes max video can easily be created with Lumen 5. The company also want to touch on a couple of testimonials here. These are things that have come in over the past few weeks that we thought were great now. We wanted to share with you by using Lumen5. They have increased their Facebook Page engagements by 440%, that is a very large and very specific number.

It is a very large and very specific number which they like and they have boosted their page reach dramatically. Another little testimonial here, “we made a video with Lumen5 about a week ago and turned it into a FB ad which has been “My Best Ad Ever and Has 10x’s” my business on Shopify and doubled by the business on Amazon.” Let’s take any of your blog posts and make a Lumen5 video from that. So, that’s what we are going to do. So, let’s jump right in.

Here, we are going to get our screen sharing set up, there we go. Get our screen-sharing setup, we will turn off our article for now. We will be back later, don’t worry. So, some of you have undoubtedly already made one or more Lumen5 videos at this point, so you may be familiar with this dashboard that we are looking at here. But, what we have when we log in actually, let’s go back one step, let us go back right to Lumen5. How many drafts can you have at a time?

You can have as many drafts as you want. They do not limit you in that regard. So, once you reach Luman5, you go to the website, click Go to the dashboard here and you can ask other questions about this in the comment box below. So, these videos that are in the process of being made, but you have not published them, yet they also have their recent videos here. These are the ones that they have published and then, we had a couple of things on the left-hand side. Here, we want to show you instant videos, really quick. So, if you have a blog or a company website, where you often post new content, you can add that to the instant videos page anytime you post new content. We will automatically generate a Lumen5 video.

They will email you to let you know and you can log in to either download it or make some changes to it and then it is a great video making platform. What we want t show you before we dive into making a video or brand presets. So, when you make a Lumen5 video. Here, when you make a Lumen5 video, they give you some themes to choose from. However, if you would notice at the very beginning, when we were looking at that video, from big companies, you know the Starbucks video looks like a Starbucks video. The MacDonalds’ video looks like a Macdonald’s video.

If you have a very specific brand identity, you can add that here and then when you start your Lumen5 Video, it will already look like your brand, you don’t have to go in and change the highlight colour or change the background or change the font colour every time. It makes this easy to jump into a video without having to make all those changes. So, we are going to dive into making a video.

So, as we mentioned, the bet or the best way to make a Lumen5 video is from a blog post, we have a blog post that we have made here. We have made a blog post on our blog, called Kagan’s Kitchen. It is – we have never posted anything before. This is our very first entry and it’s how to make tagliatelle. So, you can see we have got some text here. We have got some pictures, kind of takes you through the whole process.

Even after reading this in-depth guide, still, if you are facing any issues related to How To Convert Your Blog post Into Videos – Lumen5, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below. Also Read: How and When to use Google Webmaster Tool’s Disavow Process

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