Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST

Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST

Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST, Google Slides prepared by professional presentation designers are easily and readily available at FreeGoogleSlidesTemplates (a.k.a. FGST) to help a broad audience (from learners to experts) in creating amazing presentation decks.The purpose of presentations is to keep both the audience and speaker on the same track by using the slideshow as an outline.

free google slides - Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST

It may perhaps differ based upon the requirement including business and corporate slide decks or to impress the audience, but Google Themes will drive you to create slides to support your presentations.

What’s Exceptional about the Free Google Themes Provided by FGST?

It is a free resource, offering royalty-free templates, 100% compatible with Google Slides. The resource provides a growing catalog of presentation themes for a wide range of business and educational purposes.

Google presentation templates in the gallery range from playful to a formal business presentation; it provides your presentation a modern and professional look. Moreover, Google slide template helps in using appropriate images and colors to illustrate the points of the speech. The presentation template perfectly fits almost any of the below topics;

  • Presentations for Startups
  • Simple Presentation Themes
  • Business Presentations
  • Formal Presentations
  • Playful Presentation Backgrounds
  • Elegant Presentations
  • Inspirational Presentations


One of the advantages of Google Slides vs. Microsoft PowerPoint is the built-in collaboration feature of Google Slides. Even if Microsoft introduced this feature in the recent versions of Microsoft Office and Office 365, Google Slides was built with Collaboration in mind and to be used in the cloud from scratch. This enables your team to collaborate together in the same presentation, boosting the productivity time. It allows editing the presentations together with your own team and keeps your team work on same presentations.

Google Slides Templates - Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST

Moreover, the presentations edited in Google Slides can be exported to Microsoft PowerPoint or as PDF documents. You can combine graphics, multimedia, text and resize the vectorial shapes and icons without bringing down the image quality when creating a professional presentation in Google Slide.

How to use Google Slide Presentation Templates?

Free presentation templates can be browsed directly from the website. Templates are organized by tags and categories. You can download the free Google slides templates without any further registration and restrictions, but it is important to notice that you would require a Google Account in order to open it in Google Slides. Then, go to File menu and click Make a Copy. This way, you would be able to edit the new presentation based on the template design but with your own content.

Demo - Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST

Google slide templates can also be edited in Microsoft PowerPoint through exporting it as a .pptx file.

Following are the few popular Google Slide templates available online to create new presentations relating to business and marketing.

  • Corporate Presentation Templates
  • Pitch Deck Google Slides Templates
  • Modern Presentation Pitch Templates
  • Business Technology Presentation
  • UX Presentation template

Is Google Slides Template Specific to Industries or Users?

Google Slides templates are prepared with an intention to help non-designers to develop visually appealing presentations without hassle. The highly flexible and practical usability provided by Google can be used by any individual who is not exposed to the usage of PowerPoint. The templates are open to any kind of industry or sector and can be edited to fulfill the presentation needs of almost any kind of professionals, such as:

  • Salespersons
  • CEOs
  • Politicians
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Marketers

What are the Specific Templates used for Business?

In order to project the presentations with clarity through modern projectors and TV displays our expert designers has created the presentation templates under 16:9 aspect ratio. Following are the features of the highly customizable presentation templates that can be used in business meetings to engage the audience and make points easier to understand.

The free Modern Pitch Template for Google Slides is specifically designed for business and marketing product or service. The easily editable presentation template comprises a free icon, vectorial shapes, also the modern graphic design techniques have boosted the presentation visual effects.

Mordern Presentation - Making the Most of Google Slides with FGST

The Modern Presentation Pitch Google slide template has been created under a common vision to utilize the template in various sectors including Education Program. Great visual presentations have the cover slide with background images. Composite fonts, picture effects have made the presentations an elegant and modern creative design. Modern presentation pitch template has got a unique competition, comparison, feature, market, solution, Timeline slides for you to update the required information.

Business Technology Presentation is one of the most impressive presentations designed in blue for professional and business presentations. The presentation is particularly designed for corporate presentations. The theme and backgrounds can be modified with your respective corporate branding assets.  The presentation provides two, three, six columns sample slide with work process sample. Presentation template includes Bar, Line, Pie Chart to provide a visual effect. Presentations that make use of visual generate 67% more lead when compared to the presentation without visual effects in B2B companies.

FGST always appreciates the comment that helps to improve our content, as their key objective of preparing the free Google Slides templates is to engage the audience and deliver effective presentations to both learner and experts.





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