Malware: Symptoms and Threats

Anytime you get online, your computer/mobile device is susceptible to different types of e-nuisances including viruses, annoying pop-ups and other types of malware. Therefore, accessing the Internet without proper security software installed on your PC is akin to committing e-suicide. Computer security is vital both for at-home use and especially for corporate networks. Join me as I explore malware symptoms and threats in this post.

Pop-ups and Spam

We do encounter numerous pop-ups when accessing the Internet and we do get many spammy emails from different companies. Not all of them are malicious. However, you should be aware of the harmful adware programs that can be more insidious than annoying. These are capable of launching spyware destroying your personal information. Besides distracting pop-ups, different pieces of malware often masquerade as email attachments (like the notorious ‘Love Letter’ or ILOVEYOU virus). Never attempt to open or download suspicious attachments.

Computer Performance Problems


Another evident symptom of computer viruses is slow work and frequent computer crashes. Even a tiny worm can substantially slow down the processes. This is because a virus may be using your PC’s resources making them unavailable for your device’s typical operations.

Random Restarts and Unexplained PC Behavior

The presence of a malicious program can be also indicated by random restarts and weird behavior, especially for your browser. So, if you’re witnessing strange things that you didn’t initiate, have your PC scanned for viruses immediately. Delay can result in losing essential information you store on your computer.

Antivirus Tools Disabled

Another obvious sign of being targeted by a virus is losing control over your PC’s security. Many sophisticated malicious programs are capable of turning off your firewall and malware removal tools. Other symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Inability to access the Internet. Slow browser.
  • Inability to stop running applications.
  • New icons and programs appear on your desktop which you can’t recollect downloading and installing.
  • Programs and files missing.

Final Thoughts

While witnessing most of these signs on your computer indicates malware presence, you should realize that many types of spyware and viruses can burrow deep into your system without alert. These covert programs are very insidious, as they can pose such dangers as credit card fraud or identity theft. The only way out is using powerful full-scale malware detection and removal tools. To get a better idea of how to select the best malware removal software and to build a bulletproof fence around your PC educate yourself on this topic by visiting actual forums and web resources, like for instance. This website provides you with numerous helpful tips on improving your security measures, as well as expert security software reviews and comparisons.

Security is vital these days, so never skimp on it. Just select the tools that works best for you and find your peace of mind.

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