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We all know that 90% users around the world are using Microsoft operating system on their computer system. Microsoft Security Essentials is the best protection for your Pc’s against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It is available free with many features like for individual and business corporation/firm. It charges no fees but the only things you required is that your Window should be genuine to bypass the security check attempted by them while installing Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus.

microsoft security essentials

It is totally free to use and was designed very simple to use to detect viruses and spywares. One of the best product of Microsoft I have ever used. It is very protected against all kinds of viruses. I personally used and using this and believe me I haven’t found any problem with my system or window since I used this Microsoft Security Essential.

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Before I have tried many Anti Viruses for my system but every time I found difficulties to update them regularly. some of them are good to use but some are just waste of time and money. So at last I found this product and it helps me a lot. Hope it will help you too. Microsoft Security Essential is update on regular bases so there is no worry to care about latest certificates related to protection. You can relax using this product for sure.


Key Features:

– Comprehensive malware, viruses protection 
– Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 
– Available in 33 languages 
– Simple and free to download 
– Protects you quietly in the background always
– Automatic updates regularly

Source: Microsoft Security Essentials

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