10 Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

Typically cPanel hosting is one of the most sought after hosting solutions around the world. cPanel brings to hosting the kind of control and ease of use that is unmatched in the industry. this is the reason why you will usually have to spend a little extra on cPanel hosting. However, that’s not the case with MilesWeb cPanel hosting. It’s affordable and fully-loaded and powered by SSD storage which is swift and reliable. If you are looking for affordable, fast and reliable cPanel hosting on Linux servers, MilesWeb offers the best-possible hosting solutions for you.

Business Website Hosting - Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

Why cPanel Hosting from MilesWeb?

Almost every reputed web hosting service provider out there offers cPanel hosting. So how it is that MilesWeb has something special to offer?

Here are the 10 features that give MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting the kind of edge that’s difficult to find in the industry:

10 Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

  1. Choose Server Location

    Miles Web has datacenters located in India, UK, US and Romania. So you can choose where you want to host your site. The different locations are:

    • India
    • London
    • United States
    • Romania

      Server Location - Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

      So what are the advantages of choosing the location of your server? It’s not just about having your site hosted from a server close to your business location, it also has its SEO advantages.

  2. 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

    MilesWeb has a proven 99.95% uptime. The company claims that maintenance is the only time when your site is likely to go down. It uses branded, industry-leading hardware to power its data centers.

  3. Instant Setup

    Another advantage of choosing MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting is that you will not have to worry about any technical aspects of setting up your account. The hosting account will be setup instantly as the provider confirms the payment.

  4. Single-Click Installation

    Another advantage is that you can install apps such as WP, Magento, and Joomla with just one click. These apps can be installed from within Softaculous for free. There’s no need to have any advanced technical knowledge to be able to install WordPress.

  5. Free Shopping Carts

    If you want to set up your eCommerce store, MilesWeb cPanel hosting allows you to set up shopping carts such as Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, and others for free.

  6. Unlimited Email Accounts

    Except for the Economy Plan, the other cPanel hosting plans are offered with unlimited email accounts. The hosting provider offers unlimited POP3 and IMAP accounts (webmail). So you can access your emails on any device.

  7. Daily Backup

    If there is an issue and your site or data is lost, you’ll not have to worry. MilesWeb’s affordable hosting also offers daily backup. The backups are made to the hosting provider’s offsite location. The data can be restored with just a single click.

  8. Using Latest Versions

    MilesWeb uses only the latest versions of PHP and MySQL on its servers. The hosting provider also ensures compatibility while this also helps ensure stability.

  9. Free SSL Certificate

    Free SSL Certificate - Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

    It’s difficult to understand the importance of SSL certificates unless you realize that not having it can send your visitors and potential customers off your site. MilesWeb provides free SSL certificate and this makes your customers feel safe when they are on your site. It will help in protecting both your site and your visitors’ data and information. Even Google now gives more weight to sites with SSL certificates.

  10. Anytime Money-back Guarantee

    Most web hosting services offer 15 to a 30-day money back guarantee. MilesWeb’s cPanel hosting is backed by any-time money back guarantee.

MilesWeb cPanel Hosting Plans

Now you know why you want to choose cPanel hosting solutions from MilesWeb, a look at its plans and the pricing will give you very lucrative reasons why you wouldn’t avoid this web hosting service provider.

Cpanel Hosting Plan - Reasons to Host your Website with MilesWeb

  1. Economy Plan

    Starting at just around Rs 109/mo, this basic cPanel hosting plan offers the following features and resources:

    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 1GB SSD storage
    • cPanel & Softaculous
    • Site builder
    • 2GB RAM
    • 1.5-core processor
    • 10 email accounts
    • 3 MySQL databases
  2. Value Plan

    MilesWeb’s Value cPanel hosting plan comes with the following features over and above the Economy plan:

    • Unlimited SSD storage
    • Free SpamExperts
    • 4GB RAM
    • 3-core processor
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Unlimited MySQL databases
  3. Unlimited Plan

    This is a truly unlimited plan with everything unlimited plus the following resources:

    • 8GB of RAM
    • 6-core processor

    All the three plans provide you free SSL certificate.

    Getting unlimited SSD storage is in itself a big feature at this price. SSD is extremely quick and improves your page loads times at multiple rates.

Quality Customer Support:

No web hosting service can be complete without a reliable customer support service that is available 24×7. MilesWeb offers quite affordable cPanel hosting plans. Still, they offer 24×7 customer support services through phone, live chat, and email. Free technical support is available to ensure that you can always reach a technician in case of any problems.


As mentioned in the beginning, cPanel is the most widely used control panel but it is available at a premium. MilesWeb has broken through those barriers to make it available to all types of users at such affordable prices. Its cPanel hosting is where quality and reliability meet affordability. If you want to save your money and yet get high-quality web hosting solutions, this is the perfect option for you.


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  1. Choosing right web host provider is always been key task. It helps you in many ways to avoid latency period & increase traffic on your site. I have hosted my website with milesweb, & I have overcome all hurdles that had with last web host. Cheers to milesweb team!!!

    • Yes, definitely you should host your website with milesweb. I’m using there services since last three years, and they have provided best services.

  2. Thanks for writing this blog. This would certainly help to know why to choose milesweb as web host. They are already providing many more addons which is big advantage.

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