Page Loading Time is Now A Top Google Ranking Factor

Page Loading Time is Now A Top Google Ranking Factor: Ranking Factor. This is one of our favourite tests. It is quite enjoyable because of the concept of How Google Presents Information when it has on the first page, says in 2010, Google told us that Page Speed is a ranking factor and then they gave some tools to look at and didn’t explain what they meant by Page Speed. But, in looking at the tools that they offered and what those tools explored it, in particular, even Google’s tool.

Page Loading Time is Now A Top Google Ranking Factor

Well, we were kind of led to believe that the page load time is what Google is looking at us as the particular ranking factor for page speed. And, you can gather that from specifically from Google’s tools and when they say that the two big things that they are measuring our how quickly, half the page loads and then how glow the whole page loads and that leads to – we are talking about page load time.

Now, less the thing, we never want to do is just take anybody’s word for especially Google’s and so, we will run this test and to do this test, what we did was – set up this script and what this script will do is – it will kind of make a page run through some processes. A bunch of times and it will effectively slow down the page. So, after indexing pages, just in the first, we often throw out two pages. Just to see what’s to get a feel for things and then the one page was at a kind of standard to second load time and the page of the script was up over 12 seconds and the page with the script at 12 seconds ranked first. Once we see that and there’s a possibility on a test and often will take that into then a five-page environment.

The reason to take it into that is then we can kind of see more movement and see if we are getting a factor or not. And, so in this situation, indexing five pages and then put the script on the third page and the idea is that if page speed is a ranking factor, the page that is significantly slowed and the number three spot will drop to the bottom or drop at least a spot so the initial page speed for that page was 2.2 seconds. And, then with the script. It turned to 6.8 seconds and when it was all said and done, nothing changed.

It ran this test three times and each time – No movement, Whatsoever and the page that was significantly lower than all the other pages. The page speed for all the other pages was at that 2.2 seconds. So, pretty crazy. You know, it’s like well clearly page load time is not a direct ranking factor. It can be a secondary factor because you have got a page that’s 12 seconds, nobody’s staying on that page to let it load. So, you could have an extremely high bounce rate, low user engagement metrics and those could be ranking factors and that’s a secondary thing.

We were told that ranking the page speed was an actual ranking factor in and of itself and so that’s kind of what we want to identify. What is that, what we do better for our websites to just by going that increase our rank. In doing a little research on this whole issue, we came across some great articles, one, in particular, was in – MA’s and it looks like time to first byte TTFN be might be what Google is looking at. And, what time to the first byte is that when somebody types in a website and hits enter. It’s the time, that the request is sent to the server and then the very first bite, the very first piece of information comes back to the website.

Time to first byte ETF be what’s interesting is that is a lot of server-side configuration and has very little to do with stuff on the front end of the website. So, with that – and so, it – we are sorry. Would that be with your house to be responsible for something like that? It’s the kind of thing that makes in and make sure that your server settings are optimized and it’s looking something like 500 milliseconds to load. No worse than that. There’s a tool that shows that of all the tools that Google talks about, the only one we think shows it clearly and that’s Loading Time is Now A Top Google Ranking Factor

And, you can see time to the first byte very clearly presented there and that’s the kind of thing that we rely on developers for. From there, if we see the poor performance and TTFB kind of thing, we turn over to our developer and have him go in and tweak that. So, it’s not anything that we even have a particular knowledge of how to do. But, other than evaluate it and go ahead.

So, that’s actually what we have shipped and this is a very recent shift in our practice, going from focussing on why slow and page speed which then to fix those sort of problems. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Page Loading Time is Now A Top Google Ranking Factor, still, if you are facing any questions regarding Page Loading Time is Now A Top Google Ranking Factor, please let us know your exact problem regarding the topic in the comment box given below.

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