4 most admired WordPress social media plugins

Traffic is the most significant idea for any blogger regardless the fact whoever your audience is and wherever you are or anything you blog about. The exponential increase of social media has made it potential for old and new bloggers

Truecaller Find Numbers

Truecaller will help you identify unknown caller’s details

When we have entered in the year of 2014 simultaneously we stepped into a new paradigm of technological advancement where truecaller like applications are designed and used by millions to identify the unknown phone numbers. Everyday an average number of unknown calls we

Url Shortner

8 Best URL Shorteners and their Benefits

URL Shortener Tools is one of the most used tools by a large number of people as a regular tool. People use it to convert their long URL to a very short URL. This tool


How to Save Money While Printing?

If you have a printer in your office that is regularly in use, then there is a good chance that your printing bills are high. However, you should know that by following few tips you

How to Detect iPhone Spy Software

Using monitoring apps on mobile devices is becoming more and more popular with all sorts of groups of people. From concerned parents, employers that want to boost employee productivity to victims of adultery, it seems

Is Your Website Really Down or it’s Just You?

It happens many times with almost everyone that your blog, website, portfolio or any others website could be social websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. is showing down on your system but your friends find that