Torrent Sites

Top Indian Torrent Sites for Finding hindi movies torrents

There is hardly anyone from generation Y that can stay away from Torrents especially when it is kind of legit in India. There are innumerable torrent sites from where you can download Hindi movies and Tv series, music

Recuva Undelete Unerase File and Disk Recovery

8 The Best Hard Drive Recovery Software

Many free file recovery programs exist which will facilitate recover or make back your suddenly deleted files and folders. The expertise file recovery programs will assist you “undelete” files on your laptop or system. Files you have

Restore Corrupt Files

How to Restore Corrupt Files?

Sometimes we get really irritated and it usually happens when we try to open a file on our computer system and after hundreds of attempts, fail to do so. Usually these files are corrupted and

backup process

How To Back Up Your Cell Phone Constantly

The professional setting has made mobile devices a part of the essentials not just in communications but also in storing data. Calls and text messages are just part of the tasks that are done via

firefox private browsing

How to Use Private Browsing Mode in Mozilla Firefox

The very Latest version updated of Mozilla Firefox is 30.0 and 31 is in progress. Today we are talking about a Private Browsing Mode offered by Mozilla Firefox. Which could be very useful for all of us to

How to Take a Screenshot preview

How to take a Screenshot on a Mac OS X

Do you have a MacBook but you do not exactly how to take a screenshot with that. Do not worry as below mentioned are the commands following with which you will get to know that how much

3 Things To Consider Before Making Your App

The app market is open for everyone and it offers you and your business a lot of opportunities. It is a great way to get into developing apps as a profession or hobby, or you

microsoft security essentials

Top 8 Free Antivirus Software For your PC

1- AVG Anti-virus Free software:- It is one of the best and a free antivirus software. It is fully pledged which includes scanner, link scanner, arranged scanning options and automotive updates and many more. There