Top 10 Tips For Your site to Get Indexed by Google

Every blogger knows that unique content is the most essential element to place higher in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. But watching for traffic to get to your web site might take a

How to Connect Your Facebook Account to Skype Profile

Do you even know that it is possible to make connection between your Facebook and Skype Accounts. You can easily connect your Facebook profile to your Skype profile. By this setting up a connection you

How To Create a Photography Website With WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular free CSM out there. Indeed, content management with WordPress is a piece of cake, even for dummies. Setting up a WP site won’t take long even if you do not

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Top 10 Best Stock Market Andriod Apps

Here, in this edition, some great stock market Android applications for 2013 are discussed. All features, functions are mentioned. Individuals belongs to this stock market are well aware of these features and functions but people who

10 Best Alternative Software Similar to Teamviewer

Below mentioned are the best alternative software which are quite similar to Teamviewer and do have the same features. So, come lets read about them. 1- LogMeIn:- It gives you remote control of your computer with an internet connection.  It

Street View on Google Maps

8 Best Free GPS Apps For Android Smartphones

Android actually has picked up its pace in smart phone industry that nowadays they are sharing even the same renowned name and eminent presence as Apple do. The only difference with this Google operating system

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications and Price

Samsung discharged a teaser video hinting at the company’s plans for the forthcoming shopper physics Show (CES) 2013 in January, promising ‘something new’ for fans of its merchandise and that innovative product is Galaxy S4.