Reasons to use HTML5 for responsive website Development

HTML5 is the latest tool used by web developers in the development of commercial website. It is relatively much better version of previously used tools to develop website.

It is the latest version of the HTMLlanguage, with new components, features, and behaviors, and a bigger set of technologies that enables more varied and robustwebsites and web applications.

If you have been working with the latest web development tools then by now you must have heard about HTML5 as well.However, there are some people who are still bemused and want to know why they should use HTML5 and how it will make their website more responsive? Both are indeed good questions. Through this article, I would like throw light on these aspects so that all the doubts about HTML5 becomes clear to the reader and they should start implementing it in their web development projects.


Here are some of the key reasons why HTML5 has become a significant aspect for today’s web development industry:


Taken web development industry with storm:

The most common misconception that persists is HTML5 is not here to stay here for long. Within a time span of few years it will vanish. However, the reality is something else. In fact, HTML5 became a WC3 Candidate Recommendation since 2012, which means that the language is on the verge of becoming a standard tool for web development.

It goes without saying that HTML5 isn’t a single entity rather it is a set of standards and APIs that most common browsers usually support to varying degree. For instance, Google Chrome is perhaps the best at implementing HTML5’s latest standards and APIs. But, qualms about cross-browser compatibility I would say should not be the road blockers for you. Don’t feel stuck while starting to develop against the new APIs.

Moreover, you don’t have to get worried at all about whether your website that is developed through this emerging technology will be supported by the most common browsers or not. In that case, you face any such issues then you can take up Html5 browser supporthelp from a professional online support solution provider.

HTML5 Standards Make Support Easier

Undoubtedly, many website developers and designers have earned appreciation over the years simply by smartly managing browser compatibility issues. The newest versions of the major browsers are much more cohesive because HTML5 outlines a set of standards that developers can anticipate to come across. Above all, why you have to get bogged down for small things when right assistance and help for Html5 browser support is readily available to you?

Even though businesses would traditionally try to vie by integrating custom interfaces and attributes into their browsers, today they strive on factors that matter more to the user, which includes capabilities like performance, developer tools, and history management. This doesn’t mean that each service provider is restrained from experimenting or integrating new attributes — in reality, they still create these attributes and seldom submit them for calibration.

HTML5 Semantic Elements

I have gone through various forum or group discussions wherein new and old websites developers at times put down questions as in where they should plunge into HTML5 all the time. Well, it is a good question they have put forth because HTML5 is far-reaching.

Do you know that HTML5’s semantic tags facilitate the web developers with the perfect place to start because it is quite simple and instantly enhances the structure and readability of the web pages?

As per the research conducted by the Google engineers few years back, it has been revealed that the most commonly used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) class names used to components. The outcomes exhibited many common trends in which class names were being applied to semantically recognize components. Well, semantics can be defined as a structure and understandability. Based on the research and findings, the team recommended the usage of new HTML elements.

Hence, make your commercial website more responsive with the use of HTML5 tools and improve your overall return on investment. More responsive will be your website, more are the chances that your visitors will have good shopping and browsing experience.

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