Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications and Price

Samsung discharged a teaser video hinting at the company’s plans for the forthcoming shopper physics Show (CES) 2013 in January, promising ‘something new’ for fans of its merchandise and that innovative product is Galaxy S4.


Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy S4 wasn’t disclosed at the show, as a result of the corporate focused on its vary of TVs and residential appliances. that doesn’t mean that we have a tendency to can not be getting lots of concrete news among the near future, though, as Samsung needs a innovative phone fairly shortly.

Although the S3 was free merely over a year past, it faces some stiff competition inside the market from the likes of the Google Nexus four.

samsung galaxy s4


Sharing long of the specification of the Galaxy S4, the Nexus four is significantly cheaper – a minimum of, if you will be able to wait the five to six weeks required by Google’s back-ordering technique thanks to stunning demand – and comes with the foremost recent automaton four.2 ‘Jelly Bean’ package with varied enhancements and bug fixes, additionally as an inspired 360-degree wide image mode.

As a result, it’s most likely that Samsung has seen sales of its Galaxy S3 phone grind to a halt – one factor it will be keen to handle almost immediately. it is additional most metropolis at the tip of February or, at least, during a personal event shortly once. reprimand a peripheral manufacturer, we’ve a bent to were told that it will be making cases for a huge Samsung product due to be declared in February.

However, it’s Samsung is keen to avoid the supply problems that seem to possess hit Google with the Nexus four, that has spent weeks at on a daily basis out of stock on the Google Play store.


As expected, leaks shut the S4′s suspected price square measure skinny on the lowest, although we tend to square measure able to expect it to price the utmost quantity as a result of the S3 once it launched back in may – a wallet-busting £499. once more though the powerful competition from Google’s own Nexus four device may force Samsung to lower its price thus on contend – unless in any case the hardware specification could also be an enormous revolution.

On contract you’re ostensibly to be gazing £30-40 a month minimum, and considerably plenty of with a 4G service like technology. this could be a classy phone, though possibly still to a little degree however the iPhone 5 costs.


The Galaxy S4 means to be launched or introduced as a Samsung’s new Exynos 5 processor, that is in a position to own a thumping cores.

The company introduced a rendering of the new chip. This has too many innovative or incredible features that made allow Samsung lovers get each and everything in a single device. While designing this incredible iPhone, the manufacturers and developers itself have kept in mind every minor thing in order to provide clients the real value or worth for their money or a phone that may raise their standard along with the knowledge.

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