Samsung Galaxy S6: 10 Phenomenal Tips & Tricks

Every year, single flagship model was launched under Galaxy S portfolio, but in 2015, Samsung has come up with two masterpiece and they include Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Both the devices are referred to as single device as they are identical in terms of construction and specifications. However, they are different when it comes to software and screens incorporated into them. While they are the perfect upgrade to their plastic, lackluster predecessor, let us see some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of their features.

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De-Bloating Extra Bits:

Samsung Galaxy S6 is quite great but it is bloated with additional bits that you may not use. But the fact is that, most of the extra bits can be slimmed down to reduce the guff on your mobile screen. However, not all the apps can be disabled but only those with minus sign on their top can be binned.  You can easily disable nearly 12 apps that you may not use or deal with or update them again. By disabling all the unwanted apps, you can offer your device a complete spring clean. Of course, you can get rid of extra bits which won’t disable by putting them into a folder. By tapping the edit butting and dragging the app icons, you can easily make a folder.

Launching Multi Tasking Feature:

Multi Window is one of the most prominent features included in the Galaxy Lineup of Samsung and the Galaxy S6 has a comprehensively restored version of this aspect. GS6 has included a new Pop Up App feature that gives you another multi tasking option. Multi Window on GS6 cannot be turned off. This feature can be launched by long pressing the Recents Button after which you can choose two compatible apps to scuttle on the screen simultaneously. You can launch the Pop Up App by swiping down from top right or top left corners of the screen. This will be putting the full screen app into small window. Pop up apps and windows can be used identically.

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Supports Wireless Charging:

As Samsung has sealed up the GS6, you cannot access the battery easily but it has incorporated wireless charging feature. While most of the phones support only one wireless charging method, Galaxy s6 supports both Powermat and Qi. This provides you with the flexibility of charging the device on any wireless charging pad. As a matter of the fact, Samsung is also offering a new version of wireless charging pad.

Customizing GS6 with Themes:

One of the most recent additions to the usual Touch Wiz Android interface is theme. In fact, they can alter the look of the device by changing the wallpapers, fonts and icons. Being a new kid to the lineup, themes are given top position in the setting menu. You will find a short cut icon at the top which lets you download and apply your favorite new themes.

How to Charge Quickly?

While wireless charging is excellent for overnight and casual charging, it is not the apt method when you need more battery charge, especially in times of emergency. In that scenario, you can make use of adaptive fast charging technology of the Samsung. You can use the charger enclosed with the box for charging your mobile as quickly as possible. Any charger which is certified as Quick Charge 2.0 compatible can be used to charge Samsung Galaxy S6. If you have the right charger, you can expect your device to get charged up at 1.5% of battery per minute.

How to Use Finger Print Sensor?

The fingerprint sensor is considered to be the quickest, coolest and the most secure way of unlocking your Galaxy S6. To enable this feature, dive into settings and then to Lock Screen and Security option, followed by Screen Lock type and Fingerprints. Then you need to follow the instructions appear on the screen. The device gives you the option of adding more fingerprints and removing them in the same menu.

If you want the phone to be unlocked by one-handed, then it is really beneficial to use this finger print sensor. You can also enjoy the option of setting your password. At the bottom, you will find two toggles dictating whether you shall use fingerprint sensor for logging into web browsing and verifying Samsung account.

How to Turn On Gesture Typing?

Samsung Galaxy S6 has come up with great keyboard. While there is no requirement for replacing it with any alternative, you can turn on gesture typing to reap maximum benefits. Gesture typing is typically the fastest way of typing. All you need is to draw a line over the letters of a word. The device makes use of clever algorithms to efface the effect of your lazy swipes. To activate this feature, you need to long press the button that sits between the symbol button and spacebar. Then you need to press the cog butting in the popping up menu. You will be taken to the keyboard setting area. When you scroll down, you can see keyboard swipe section. After selecting continuous input on tapping keyboard swipe action, you will be able to gesture type.

Customizing GS6’s Look without Themes:

For changing the wallpaper, all you need is to long press the finger on the home screen until the pop up appears at the bottom of your screen. On the left side, you can find a wallpaper button that allows you to select images from the gallery. To change the font, dive into Setting and choose display. You will see Font menu from which you can choose your preferred font size and style.

Blocking Notification:

If you find any app annoying you with unnecessary notification, you can block it easily. Choose settings and then sounds and notifications followed by APP notification and you can easily block notifications for apps you have downloaded from the Google Play.

Using Smart Lock Feature:

To deploy this smartlock feature, you need to dive into settings and then to Lock screen and security option. Then click on smart lock setting and select smart lock. This feature helps you to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 automatically when it is connected to the particular Bluetooth devices.

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