How to Save Money While Printing?

If you have a printer in your office that is regularly in use, then there is a good chance that your printing bills are high. However, you should know that by following few tips you could easily reduce you printing costs. Good thing about following printing tips is that it not only gives you efficient and low price printing, but it is good for the environment. Therefore, tips given below would help you in many ways.


Turn Off Color Cartridges in Inkjet Printers

In inkjet printers turning off the use of color ink cartridges are an easy way to save money. Most of the prints don’t need any colors and it is wise to print them in “Black and White” mode. This makes it easier to save the consumption of ink in colored ink cartridges for the pages that need color printing.

Using Compatible Ink Toner and Cartridges

Buying manufacturer’s ink cartridges or toner is recommended by the company for the best performance of the printer. However, there are many compatible ink toner and cartridges that are available in market at attractive prices and manufactured by latest technology. You can buy ink toner online from licensed distributors like Ink Station or Viking. By using them in your printer you get exact results as you get from OEM ink products and they don’t damage your printer in anyway. You only get the advantage of great savings in your printing costs.

Changing the Font

Amount of ink used by your printer depends on the font you are using in your document. By selecting the right font you can save plenty of money. Times New Roman, which is the default font for MS Word, uses 27% less ink when compared to Arial font of the same application. Verdana font uses most amount of ink when printed. The study was done for 12 fonts used by most users.

Use Draft Mode for Printing Regular Documents

Any inkjet printer is configured to print in “Normal” mode, but you must change the setting to “Draft” mode. The difference is that in normal mode ink cartridges make multiple passes in the same region to make the character look bold, but in draft mode only one pass is made and the printed character is easily readable but less bold. Therefore, for regular documents you should use draft mode.

Choosing Right Paper

It is important that you choose the right paper for your printing needs. There are certain papers that soak more ink, this results in poor print quality. However, if you choose right paper you would get better print quality with less amount of ink. The cost of paper might be more, but the amount of money you would save in printing would cover those costs.

Duplex Printing

If your printer supports the function of printing on both sides of the paper, then using this option would save you plenty of money in your paper costs. You could print the documents meant for internal office use on both the sides.


The tips given above are easy to follow. You need is some discipline and the results you get would be profitable for you in the long run.

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