Top 10 Firefox & Chrome Addons & Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO

Best Firefox & Chrome Add-ons & Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO

Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO, Firefox had seen its market share rise beyond a lot of people’s expectations when it started, with add-ons and regular upgrades being supplied by its open source community of genius programmers.

Some of the add-ons you can get on the browser are worth a look and we have listed Top 10 Firefox add-ons for Powerful SEO below.

  1. MozBar

    MozBar - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO

The MozBar is one of the best available SEO add-ons, although there are several different alternatives available. Still, MozBar is the best.

You can quickly view several metrics including, Domain authority, page Authority and linking root domain to both the domain and the page. Few other interesting features it offers like, highlighting nofollowed links, keywords, external links and displaying the IP and server location.

  1. Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

    Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

    Majestic SEO backlink analyzer can be used to check the Trust Flow of the website as sometimes, and page authority and domain authority can be deceiving. Just, to avoid the presence of dodgy backlinks it can also be used to check the anchor text for the domain.

  2. Grammarly Addon

    Grammarly Addon - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Grammarly Addon

    Grammarly is free grammar and spelling checker safeguard that everything you write is effective, easy to read and grammatical error free. When you install the Grammarly add-on on your Firefox then it will automatically suggest the spelling & grammar errors. It makes the writing easy and better.

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  1. Website & SEO Analysis by WooRank

    Website & SEO Analysis by WooRank - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Website & SEO Analysis by WooRank

    One thing sure about this plugin is it is one of the best in class. As compared to other addon plugins which are more focused towards page authority and backlinks. However, Website & SEO Analysis by WooRank is more engaged on technical aspects and on-page SEO.

  1. Link Checker

    Link Checker - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Link Checker

    Broken link building is one of the important exercises of SEO. This plugin will check a page for any broken links. It will highlight the broken link in red, and the “OK” links will be highlighted in green. It is an excellent tool to check the web pages from where you are getting the backlinks.

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  1. Domain Hunter Plus

    Domain Hunter Plus - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Domain Hunter Plus

    This particular plugin is designed for very specific purpose which is to locate expired domains that already have authority and backlinks. Additionally, it used to find the broken links.

It is quite easy to use, all you need is to open any high PR webpage containing lots of links then click on Domain Hunter Plus extension that will scan the page. It will immediately find all the broken links on the given page and display them in its small panel.

  1. Meta SEO Inspector

    Meta SEO Inspector - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Meta SEO Inspector

As the name suggests, this particular extension exhibits the information regarding the metal. However, this particular plugin is necessary but solve the greater purpose of identifying, basic Meta tags, open graph tags and it highlights if anything important is missing.

  1. Firebug

    Firebug - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO

If you are a developer or an SEO who is using Firefox, then Firebug is of great importance. It enables you to see its CSS and HTML when you right click on the element of the page. Also, you can edit the CSS and HTML just to see what the web page would look like on different parameters.


To debug the website you can also use this plugin. There is also a lighter version of Firebug for Chrome that you can try.

  1. Redirect Path Checker

    Redirect Path Checker - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO
    Redirect Path Checker

When it comes to the internet then redirects is an important part. As sites and pages get transfer or update ownership, the redirects can warrant that authority of backlink is passed through, and your visitors or users can still find you.

Even, you can use this add-on to identify any redirect problems you are experiencing with your website.

  1. Buffer

    Buffer - Browser Extensions for Powerful SEO

You do not have time to share interesting posts on your social media accounts then you should definitely leverage the Buffer. You can set a specific number of posts to share on a certain number of times in a day automatically.


Instead of using the primary website of buffer every time, you can use its extension. Hence, when you come across something great just click on its icon and it will be added to the queue for social sharing.

These are a just handful of plugins that you can use to make your life easier. Since there is no one size fits all concept in such plugins. Hence, you must try them for a week and decide which is best for your use.

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