How to take a Screenshot on a Mac OS X

Do you have a MacBook but you do not exactly how to take a screenshot with that. Do not worry as below mentioned are the commands following with which you will get to know that how much it is easy to take a screenshot with your device. The process of taking a screenshot for all versions of Mac OS is same.

 screan capture

1- Have the content entered over the screen of which you want to take the screen shot . Press command-shift-4. Doing this, your cursor will become cross hair.

2- Move your cursor towards the screen’s corner when you want the picture to be start.

3- Click and drag the mouse in order to select the content for the screen shot. A rectangle will appear on the screen in order to define the area. Adjust the rectangle by holding the mouse and then move over to the next step.

 How to Take a Screenshot preview

4- Move the rectangle if required by clicking over the space bar, the rectangle will follow that movement that.

5- Constrain the selection rectangle if required by clicking shift key. Move the cursor horizontally in order to capture the vertical size.

6- Release all the keys including mouse as well. The screen shot will appear over your screen with the name like picture or number.

7- Double click the screen shot  in order to check or inspect its accurateness.

This is all to take a screen shot over the MAC OS. Really a simple process.

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