5 Top Tips for Marketing Your Mobile App Business

This era is a technology driven era every day new innovation, new technology is presented in the market. This brought forward many developers and many new apps. There are thousands of developers in the market which makes it too difficult to achieve success for the app developed. Due to the high competition any app developed have to be marketed extensively or it can get lost in such a vast market.

The major problem is that marketing bring high costs making the developers worry about the unprofitability of the app. Below is a list of some of the top marketing strategies that will not devour your company’s entire profit:

1. Social Media

Social Media

In today’s time every organization must have a social media marketing strategy regardless of its size.Social media increase the awareness among the people connected to the network of social media and it also shows the personal side of your app that will bring forward the related audience for your app which can benefit your business immensely.

Social media also provides a platform for the developer and the user to interact and bring the feedback to the developer for future updates and developments. This also keeps the reviews in the app store positive giving a boost in usage of the app. Receiving complaints through social media is the best way to know the faults and glitches in the app as not many users use app review system for complaints and suggestions.

2. Ad Networks

Ad Networks

There are many companies in the business of promoting the apps and helping you raise revenue. Affiliating with one is a very good idea. These companies work for you and advertise your app through other apps and banners.

According to a survey the click-through rate for promoting apps through ad networks is around 1%. Even thoughthis does not look much but this number can boost the ratings of your app in the Apple store and android store and push up your organic rankings.

3. Maintaining Loyal Users

Loyal Users

The best way of marketing and yet the oldest one is to maintain the loyal customers through rewarding them with benefits. Through the app you want to promote, push notifications can be sent to the users with various benefits and rewards. These benefits can be of any sort depending on the type of the app, even the extra lives for a game and certain discount vouchers on products or services. There is a wide range of benefits that can be distributed and they don’t even cost anything.

4. Building an App Empire

Apps Empire

There is no one who can promote your app better than yourself. The usual and cost free way of doing this is by building up an app empire. Self-marketing through your own apps is the best and most cost efficient way to promote your own apps. By introducing the users with the different apps that exist within your app empire through internal banners, push notification and setting links within your apps.When the user click and download your different apps you increase your app downloads and usage per app.

5. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also another cheap and great way of building an audience. Promoting your app through a blog post is very easy. You have to write a blog and post it in variety of the blogs relating to your audience. The main aim is to aim for the blogs whose audience is most relevant to your app.

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