5 Awesome Online Tools to Check Keyword Ranking In Google

Online Tools to Check Keyword Ranking In Google

There is plenty of Search Engine Optimization ranking checking software online, on which you can easily check your website ranks on Google for the chosen keywords. Most bloggers and webmasters do not focus on the keywords while posting their content and only write their article or blog post without FOCUS KEYWORD. It is the biggest MISTAKE they are making.

It is true that Google values the quality content and rank them better on a search engine. No matter how well written is your content, if you failed to mention the right keyword, then it is pointless. So, the question is what you can do about this? Well, to ease your situation we bring you 5 Awesome Online Tools to Check Keyword Ranking in Google. Let’s take a quick look:

google keyword position checker - Online Tools to Check Keyword Ranking In Google

  1. Google Positioning

    Google Positioning can monitor the ranks of a keyword, but it would not give much in-depth information regarding the keyword you are monitoring. It will merely let you know nothing more, but the position of the keyword in Google. In case, you are only striving for the position of your keyword on Google Search Engine then it is an excellent tool for you that is entirely worth looking.

  2. SEOCentro Rank Checker

    SeoCentro is among the keyword checking account tools that are most effective based on its user ratings. In multiple search engines including Google, Yahoo! etc. it is possible always to check the performance of particular keywords with Status Checker. The results give you complete details in regards to a specific keyword including its ranking in a variety of search engines as well as a history of the keyword.

  3. iWebTool Search Engine Position Checker

    Like other Keyword position checking tools, iWebTool Search Engine Position Checker is quite a useful tool that helps to track the search engine ranking of the keywords. All you need is to mention your domain, type in your keyword, select the search engine where you want your keyword to be searched including the search limit (like first 100 results), and you are done.

  4. Google Rank Checker

    Google Rank Checker is a wonderful free online utility that helps users track Google search engine results for keyword placement. To make use of this service, just place in the keyword you would like to search combined with the domain name, plus I will give you the rank of the particular keyword on Google search engine.


    Semrush is the best tool in the list as it is one of the smartest keyword rank checker tools I came across ever. When you enter the URL of any given Blog and Website and hit search, then it will give you the complete list of those keywords on which that particular URL is ranking on Google.

    Also, when you click on the resulted keyword, then it will tell you the competition and other details. Semrush supports all the main search engines including, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    These are some excellent online free keyword rank checking tools that every smart blogger and webmaster use for result oriented search engine optimization.

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