Top 10 Best Stock Market Andriod Apps

Here, in this edition, some great stock market Android applications for 2013 are discussed. All features, functions are mentioned. Individuals belongs to this stock market are well aware of these features and functions but people who do not even know the “S” of stock market, for them, reading this edition will actually prove beneficial. Actually, the Android marketplace is filled with even thousands of finance applications. So, come lets read about them.

1- Google Finance :-

Finance for Android brings you emitting real time quotes in this stock quote and other valise applications. It coordinates with your Google Finance portfolios and allow quick access to charts and allow you view the advanced stock market and company news. It is  an application launched by Google and feature services like business and enterprise headlines for various corporations which even include their financial decisions. Stock information and Adobe Flash based stock price charts are available here which include marks for major news events and other organizational actions.

 google finance 3

Google finance

google finnace 3

2- Stock Quote :-

 stock quote

This application has been highlighted by Google which has best or you can say excellent features including stock with real time and pre market quotes, technical charts, stock option chain, market overview with indexes, funds and so forth, currency portfolio, convertor and commodity futures. It offers latest news on stock market quotes, online stock quotes across the globe.


3- Personal Finance :-

It has been highlighted by Google. You can call this application your personal finance hub with below mentioned great and incredible features like stock with real time, pre market quotes, you can track your portfolio with shares and will provide you an entire market overview with indexes, funds and ETF. Moreover, offer financial news from major or leading sources. It’s the world’s leading website which deals in offering business news, market stats, currency convertors.

personal finance

4- Stock Alert :-

This application add stocks and currencies from world exchanges. They send alert messages when your stock currency hits a particular place. It provides beneficial advises or tips over buying and selling shares. It will alert you regarding which share to buy or sell at what price in order to gain profit.

stock aleart

stock aleart

5-  Stock watcher :-

This is actually a stock tracker application launched by yahoo finance server. The foremost benefit is that it supports worldwide stock markets and offer up to date stock details. This app continuously monitors trading on New York stock exchange market and isolate distinguished trading activities.

stock watcher

stock watcher 2

6-Stocks-realtime stock quotes :-

This application brings for you the most steaming real time quotes and also coordinates with Google finance portfolios. It also enables quick access to charts and offer latest stock market updations. Features like touch and scroll are added which can switch portfolios easily.

Stocks-realtime stock quotes

7- Stock Watch: BSE / NSE  :-

This is the most comprehensive and highest rated stock application on Android and allow you access India’s biggest and influential stock exchanges. It also offer latest updations or news related to Indian stock market. As per the changing business world, this app is also doing updations in order to keep their clients updated with the current facts of stock market.

stock watch

8- Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile :-

This application is actually proves to be a getaway for all critical real time information regarding Indian and global stock market which you can receive with your Android device. No matter whether you are an investor, trader or a business professional, this tool will actually proves to be an invaluable tool. It advises you real time stock quotes, you can manage and track your investment portfolio as well.



9- Money18 Real-time Stock Quote :-

This application has been specifically designed to prove real time market price and stock updations to public free of charge. This app provides H.K. Stocks, CBBCs and warrants. Comprehensive stock market information is available here which includes real time intraday chart, stock recommendations, up and down trends and other financial breaking news. This custom built  application allow users to see genuine price quotes of numerous selected stocks at a particular time. Moreover the portfolio performance will get fast and easy.

money 18

10- AAStocks M-Winner :-

This is the world’s NO1 professional financial application which provide most authorize financial and stock market related information. It remains you updated with the stock exchange market of Hong Kong. Another features are quote services, free real time HK, real time streaming tel text and so forth. Traders, investors and so on, dealing with this app is actually an ideal option.

aa stock


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