Top 10 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Daily Use

The Whatsapp has become notable messaging service program which allows you to send text messages for your pal and voice calling feature continues to be added. It is supplying its users best ever interface that is the prime reason of the tremendous success.

We will counsel you guys to browse the tricks carefully so that you can prevent any sort of wreck that you might face while using the measures before using them.

10 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Daily Use

1- Empower Voice Calling

Formerly, Whatsapp was a messaging program, but it is contained the voice calling feature also. It has been taken by the voice to the very best.

Now, we are likely to allow you to figure out how to empower voice calling feature of Whatsapp. Ones you have got empowered it then that also for free and you can begin calling your buddies using your Whatsapp account.

2- Hide/Conceal Last Seen

This upgrade was done back that is proving to be a wreck for a lot of users out there. It is now very much notable for a lot of users to remove this attribute. Also, should you be one of those users we have got the option for you guys. You will quickly eliminate this annoying upgrade of Whatsapp and only have to implement these measures.

3. Use Whatsapp without Mobile Number

That is just another trick from our side that will allow you to use Whatsapp without the telephone number.

4- Change Whatsapp Profile image of your friend

You make a wonderful pleasure by means of your buddy after which can place any amusing image for the buddy’s profile.

5. Lock Whatsapp account

You can easily lock your whatsapp account and restrict anyone from reaching your account.

6. Backup and Restore

The chat history takes huge information and sometimes some significant messages are carried by it also. So, that you can maintain them safe for so it is definitely proposed to back-up all those important messages that in the event that you lose them it could be restored.

7- Change Whatsapp Phone Number

Nevertheless, many are much unaware of doing so that is the reason why we are including this trick here. You can change your Whatsapp number.

8- Regain Deleted Whatsapp Messages

It is possible to quickly regain your deleted messages that are all unintentionally even though you have not taken the back-up of them.

9- Regain Videos and Whatsapp Deleted Pictures

Occasionally in addition, it occurs that videos or our most significant pictures get deleted and we believed we have lost them. But in whatsapp you can recover them easily.

10. Limit Whatsapp Pictures from Appearing in your gallery

The Whatsapp pictures get appear in Camera roll or the Photo Gallery of our phone which can mix your all pictures; your private pictures with Whatsapp pictures up, which could be annoying. Thus, you will find lots of users who wish to limit or discontinue Whatsapp pictures from appearing on Camera Roll or phone’s gallery. Such users may use the below measures for his or her query.

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