Top 10 tips for making your Android better

A new Android device is can be used as a telephone but is nowhere close to reaching it’s potential. Left as is it is not a particularly impressive device. However, if you follow these 10 tips you can become a savvy user and make the most out of your phone.

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1 – Get personalized tech news, tips and apps


Don’t let this be the last article you read about getting tips for your phone. On an ongoing basis, get personalized alerts about what is going on in the tech world and app recommendations with Drippler Android Tips & Apps

2 – Define which apps you care about



Not all apps were created equal, and you definitely don’t want to get the same amount of notifications from every app you install. Go to Settings -> Sound & notifications -> App notifications. Once there you can either block app notifications or define it as a top priority.

3 – Extend your battery life


Make your battery last longer by choosing “battery saver mode”. You can choose for the mode to start when your batter is a certain percentage or only to be activated manually. Activate the setting at Settings -> Battery on the menu behind the vertical 3 dots on your phone.

4 – Improve Voice Search


Increase the range of the normal Android Voice Search installed on your phone with Commandr which adds intuitive commands to the built in Google voice commands

5 – Unlock your phone with your face


There are many ways you can choose to unlock your phone, but using your face is without a doubt the coolest method. To use it go to Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock. Go to a well lit room and scan your face into your phone.

6 – Turn your phone into a remote control



Many Android phones have casting built in so you can send whatever YouTube or other video you are watching from your phone to your television. You can enable the option (assuming you have a new phone that includes it) at Display -> Settings.

7 – Link your data together

Use the Storage Access Framework to connect all your cloud data accounts in one central location. The framework supports Drive, Dropbox, Box and more.

8 – Automatically back up photos


There are multiple ways that you can use cloud services with your Android device to automatically back up your photos, but the simplest method is to use Google +. Activate the setting by Settings -> Instant Upload, on this screen edit the settings to the standard storage size to permit an unlimited number of uploads.

9 – Stay private


Keep your searches away from people you don’t want accessing it by deleting your search history. This feature can be used by first accessing your history by clicking on the small clock on the left and then pressing and holding down on a query until you see the option to remove it.

10 –Keep your phone in one direction


Sometimes you want your phone to rotate, but other times such as when you are mid playing a game or reading a longer article – you want your phone to stop auto-rotating.  Activate rotation lock by opening the Notification Shade and clicking the rotation lock button. Clicking it again will turn back on auto-rotations.

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