Top 10 Tips For Your site to Get Indexed by Google

Every blogger knows that unique content is the most essential element to place higher in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. But watching for traffic to get to your web site might take a very long time as no one would refer to or link to a new web site. It takes great effort to have your web page or blog to be easily listed in Google. You can find ethical and efficient ways to do it.

Prior to submitting your website to Google for indexing be sure that you have cleaned it up. You should understand what cleaning up implies. Google is the major source of website traffic for almost all of the web pages. To obtain more visitors to your website you have to pay careful attention to some fundamental SEO techniques. If you wish your site to get indexed by Google once you cleaned up your web site, below are some suggestions for your site to be quickly indexed by Google.


1. Be sure that all your links are working.

There must not be any error like “page not found” on your web page. Ensure that all of your internal pages are easy to navigate and they’re interconnected with one another.

2. Take advantage of TITLE tag on all your web pages

Title tag is what matters most for browsers and crawlers. By indexing your web page in Google your site title is going to be seen in search engine results and internet users may easily know what your webpage is all about. Do not stuff a lot of keywords in your title tag. Turn them into understandable sentences.

3. Utilize META tags.

If your site depends on code navigation such as java script then it’s hard to Google crawler to find out the concept of your web page. In cases like this GoogleBot may make use of your META tag description. Be sure that you are utilizing description and keywords META tags at the very least on your site’s home page.

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4. Make full use of ALT tags.

If you use an excessive amount of graphics on your web pages than content then be certain that you’re utilizing ALT tags for each image graphic. ALT tags explain what the graphics are about and eventually just what your pages all about as well.

5. In case you have flash pages you should definitely provide text links on your page.

You may make it tough to index your website when you have a flash content on your home page. Google does not catalog flash pages. The easiest way to index your website in such a case is use a text link to your website home pages. Use text links such as “Next page” or “Skip this movie” to connect to content pages.

6. Do not use FRAMES in web pages.

Google does not index the web pages having FRAMES. If you work with frames on your pages be sure to use alternative methods for Google crawler to index your website by making use of NOFRAME tag.

7. When possible avoid using dynamic pages.

Google restricts the indexing of dynamic pages. Determine if it is really important to use dynamic pages on your site.

8. Consistency of updating content.

How frequently you update your content? Google likes new content. So odds are high to get your web page indexed quickly in Google if you’re not updating your web site with fresh and original content on a regular basis.

9. Submit In Google News : ( Updated 14-march-2016)

Submit Every Blog post to Google add Url  to index your site faster .

10. Register a free account in blog communities.

To rapidly index your website by Google, you have to find out blogs that have high ranking in Google. In so doing, Google doesn’t have choice but to index your website as you link your website to those popular blog communities. Among the high ranking blog communities are Blog catalog, Blogged and MyBlogLog. So why lose time waiting for visitors to come to your site? Sign up to these blogs and link your website to them. Keep in mind to list your website in the proper category.

11. Social Bookmarking : Submit Your Blog post In Top 10 Social bookmarking websites and try to post link in same Niche Group .

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