Top 5 Gadgets for your Car

At this moment, human race are at the peak in terms of technology and automobiles. It is for sure that the life of car is more than its gadget. Even if not, anyway, you need to update your car with the latest top gadgets. There will be many gadgets inbuilt in your car but these gadgets are not sufficient enough for safe and sound driving experience. The technology is getting smarter and smarter in order to provide ease to humanity.

The gadgets used particularly for single task do not make great benefit. For this peoples are demanding gadgets that are capable of doing multitasking. Every year automobiles companies are launching new gadgets for their customers based on their needs and recent discoveries in technology. These gadgets not only improve your driving experience but also increase your car performance and add glares to it.

Based on the latest development and its workability, we would like to mention some of the top gadgets for your car. Here are the top 5 gadgets that will improve your results in practical driving test.


  1. 4G LTE

While you are driving yourself out, you can use the 4G LTE to access the fastest internet speed. This gadget has multifunction. It is basically used to control or maintain other gadgets that requires fast internet. Whether you have to check the recent traffic status, check routes in Google map or send an instant message through your supporting gadgets, 4G LTE is the best gadget to provide you fastest internet in your car. This gadget is not available in most of the cars so you can update your car with this must have gadget.


Google has launched so called android auto for the vehicles. With this gadget you can connect your smart phones to the car to project its interface to vehicle’s touch screen. On connecting you can access through much useful Google Maps, Google Play Music, your phone’s contacts and messages, third party apps and so on. This gadget is multifunctional and hence reduces the need for other small gadgets for playing music, radio, etc.


The LED car light is not a recent discovery but it is paramount for the night travelers. These lights are 3 times brighter with larger sight distance than any other normal car light. This is a must have feature for your car. This will improve your driving experience at night.


This gadget will guide you to the destination by showing you direction on the windscreen. It will show the incoming calls as well which you can control with your gestures. The display is so superimposed with the windscreen that it will not even interfere with your visibility. This is also a multifunctional gadget.


This gadget is more about safety than improving your driving experience. These gadgets are readily available on the market. With this gadget you can adjust your blind spot for better visibility. This will lead to better outcome in your practical driving test.

The above listed gadgets will improve your driving abilities and will make you feel comfortable and safe while driving.

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