Top 5 Laptops Under 50,000 INR

 Top  5 Laptops Under 50,000 INR

When it comes to choosing a laptop, your choice is mainly determined by your budget. The old adage of “you get what you paid for” is fully true on the laptop market.

If you don’t operate on an unlimited budget (and who does these days?), we have found that the limit of around 50.000 INR is that sweet spot where you can expect to get some true value for your money’s worth. It is a budget zone where affordability meets quality, and in this price range you can get quality laptops, whether for your personal or your business needs.

Even if you set a fixed budget, the options are nearly limited. In order to make your choice a little bit easier, we have narrowed down the current offer down to 5 models which we feel deliver the best performances for their price tag. All of these models come in slightly or significantly under 50.000 INR, so read carefully to try and determine which one of them will best suit your needs.

Lenovo Flex 2

Lenovo Flex 2

Lenovo is a company renowned for making well constructed, sleek designed all purpose laptops that are just as suitable for your home as they are for your business office. With the screen size of 14 inches Flex 2 might prove to be a bit too small for some of you, but keep in mind that it does support full 1080p HD, and that it features an IPS LED backlit display that we find the best in the featured group of laptops. Flex 2 features a design innovation which Lenovo calls “dual-mode”. This feature allows you to flip the screen for a more touch-friendly use – meaning that this is a hybrid laptop- tablet deal (yes, it has a touch screen).

Weighing around 6 pounds and boasting a 7 hour battery life, Flex 2 is very convenient for carrying around and working away from home. It will also cover all your basic private and professional needs, being equipped with the solid Intel Core i5-4210U 1,7 GHz processor. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and it features a hybrid hard drive with an 8GB SSD Drive and a standard 500 GB drive, which makes its reactions fast and smooth. Right now you have two differently priced models, one around 40.000 INR and the other slightly under 50K, the main difference being that the cheaper model has integrated Intel graphics, while the pricier one is equipped with an NVIDIA GT 820M graphics card.

Dell Inspirion 15 -5547


Barely making it to our list with a price tag only a few INR short of the 50K limit, Dell Inspirion is a monster of a laptop in the mid-price range. Armed with 8GB of RAM and a full TB of storage space on its hard drive. It comes with the middle of the road Intel Core i5-4210U 1,7 GHz processor, which should be enough for you unless your work or your personal needs are particularly demanding on your machine. The display is a backlit LED with 720HD resolution, and coupled with an integrated graphics card it won’t allow you any serious gaming, but you will get a smartly designed and built all-purpose laptop that won’t let you down. Also, the “slightly under 6 pounds” weight means that you’ll have no problems carrying it around.

HP Pavillion 15-pp077TX

With a name like HP behind it and with a price tag high enough to ensure a decent set of features, you know that you’ll get your money’s worth with this laptop. At a first glance, you can tell that it’s smartly designed and masterfully built. Just like the previously mentioned models, it runs an Intel Core i5-4210U 1,7 GHz processor which, combined with 8GB of RAM ensures that you have some smooth and seamless multi-tasking ahead of you. It will easily handle all of the basic tasks, and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M graphics card ensures that you’ll also be able to throw in some quality gaming. The 15 inch screen features the pretty standard backlit LED HD display, which won’t make you throw your TV away, but will get the job done.

Asus X550LD


The X550 series is Asus’ attempt to offer quality computers at affordable prices, and the X550LD achieves it better than any of its predecessors. This amazingly efficient laptop hides a full bag of goodies under the hood, with the Intel Core i7 1,8 GHz processor being the biggest surprise in this price range, meaning that you have yourself a proper beast in disguise. Coupled with 8GB of RAM and a 2GB NVIDIA GT 820M graphics card it promises more than a decent gaming experience for an all-purpose laptop. Standard backlit LED HD display is commonplace in this price range, and the only potential downside to buying this model is the fact that it doesn’t come with a pre-installed operating system. If performance is what you’re after, this is the pick.

Lenovo Z50-70

Lenovo Z50-70

Lenovo seems to be intent on adding fullHD to its budget bracket models, considering that this model goes all the way up to 1080p. That could be a deal maker for the more visually minded user, considering that its other performances are right up there with the competition. On the bonus side, it also escapes the integrated graphics mediocrity and goes for the slightly more upper scale 2GB NVIDIA GT 820M. Add to it the fact that it boasts 8GB RAM with a full TB of storage space, and you have yourself a sweet little engine that will have you covered for all your basic purposes and allow you some casual gaming as well.

As you can see from the selection above, the budget of 50.000 INR provides you with plenty of options to get a high performance all-purpose laptop. Of course, for anything more demanding you will have to keep saving a little while longer, but if you’re looking for well crafted, well designed laptops that are highly functional and reliable, then you’re in business. Now that we have you covered you’re ready to go and seek out the hottest laptop deals. Choose wisely and happy shopping!

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  1. Is macbook pro md101 (mid 2012) still good to buy?
    I like it as it is a budget macbook.
    Please reply soon.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. I want buy a dell laptop belove 45000

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