Each and every android phone with a front camera has at least one video calling application. But why this application has this much importance?? This is because it helps to stay connected to the people they want to with data package itself. You can speak as much time as you want. To full fill the requirement of video calling, many applications have been launched in play store. Among those hundreds of applications, there are some applications with HD video calling which everyone likes to prefer and many applications contains bugs in it. Here we help you out from the problem of installing the best video calling application. Here are top five android video calling applications which are best for video calling among all others.



At first Skype is a personal Computer’s software for video calling. Because of increasing demand for video calling for phones, Skype have even released an application for android phones. The requirement to use this app is simple, phone need to have a front camera, a Skype account and Data pack. If you never came through Skype and don’t have a Skype account, then no need to worry you can sign-up at any time with free of cost and have a happy video calling. The clarity your camera lens has, the more HD you can have the video calling. Here camera pixels and the data speed are the prime factors affecting video call.

Google Hangout:

Featuring Google hangouts is powered by Google. This is one of the Google features like Google news, Google drive, but the only difference is that Hangout allows video calling. This is also basically a Computer supporting feature. Later on it is also invited to the android users through Google play store. This offers great clarity giving you the best video calling experience. This requires data package, android phone with a front camera and finally a Google account. Here the advantage is you can even have a conference call, so it is very useful both for entertaining purpose and professional purpose. Most of the official video calls take place on Google Hangouts.


This is one of the popular android applications most of them install. This offers video calling facility too. This is actually a friendly non-official kind of application where mostly students show interest towards it. It is the popular application most of the youth install standing second after Whatsapp. The aspects where it seems better than Whatsapp is, it has several cute stickers and doddles for free and some for pay. It requires data package in your mobile and a Viber account which have easy few steps to create one and a phone with a camera.



WeChatSimilar to that f Viber, Wechat is almost the same as Viber providing different stickers and mainly video calling for android phones. This application too requires data package for phone, Wechat application installed to your android phone and finally a phone with front faced camera. The tempting feature here is that it provides many recharging offers. For example if you video call for 2minutes a day for a five consequtive days, then you will be rewarded with Rs.50 to your mobile number. Thus providing the offers which are not provided by other applications makes this application a special one.


Rounds Free Video Chat

Rounds is comparatively a small sized android applications which features video calling, chatting and even games too. Don’t criticize this application for being small sized because this gives the best video calling clarity than Viber and Wechat. This application simply requires a account to be created and data package and an android phone with a front camera for video calling.

These are the hot five trending video calling applications in android market till now. See that you have at least one of these five applications on your android gadget and have a nice video calling.

If you Have more HD Video calling Apps You can comments  us below i will Add This post.

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