Top Indian Torrent Sites for Finding hindi movies torrents

There is hardly anyone from generation Y that can stay away from Torrents especially when it is kind of legit in India. There are innumerable torrent sites from where you can download Hindi movies and Tv series, music etc. You may have heard a lot about anti-piracy campaigns because torrent is not legit in many countries but anyways here I am going to provide you the list of top Indian torrent sites for finding Hindi torrentsThis will give you immense possibilities in downloading all your favourite movies and shows and much more in educational documentary torrents. Before proceeding any further I must tell you that most of these sites require one time registration and when you intend to download the torrent you must log in 

Also, when you are looking forward to a good quality torrent then it is advisable to maintain good ratio of downloading and uploadingThis will keep the ratio balance and offer you quality that are hard to achieve in public torrent trackersEven those people who are using public torrent tracker must switch to private torrent trackers for superb downloading speed.

The benefit of torrent does not end here if you are unable to find any particular torrent then you can also use the torrent search engines. So without wasting your time any further let’s move to list of top Indian torrent sites for finding Hindi torrents.

  •  ExDesi


It is one of the potential desi torrent website that you can use to download different Hindi stuff like movies, documentaries and tv series etc. But as compared to other sites ExDesi is not free as it charge the verification fee of $5.


extreme tronts

Bollywood is earlier known as happens to be one of the top most Hindi Torrent platforms to download Hindi movies and shows. It is an invitation based private torrent site and if you do not have any resource to get invitation then donate some money and get the invitation directly from website.


It is another favourite site for torrent lovers. If you are looking for old songs and movies…I mean really old collection then  is your site that you can efficiently use to download oldies goldies.

There is a wide list of top Indian torrent sites for finding Hindi torrents but above are some tried and tested torrents that you will certainly appreciate for their exceptional quality of service and better security than public torrent trackers.


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