4 Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

Social media is on the peak nowadays. Many people join social websites to connect with their friends and family or to make new acquaintances in order to expand their network. Twitter is also one popular website which is now commonly used as a marketing and promotional tool. Twitter helps in connecting to a wide range of people but sometimes we follow too many people who do not follow us back. And Twitter has a limit of people you can follow which is 2000 more people from the number of people following you.

For the purpose there are numerous tools which allow a person to unfollow any non-followers in the twitter account.

Following are the 4 Twitter Tools:


untweeps unfollow Twitter

One of the free tools on Twitter that allows you to unfollow users with inactive twitter accounts is Untweeps. It is a beneficial tool in a sense that it unfollows all the inactive twitter accounts which in return allows you to follow active and new twitter accounts.

Untweeps is easy to use, you just have to log in through your twitter account and after logging in the next step is to enter and specify the number of days a twitter is inactive since. This allows the toold to run a diagnostic and categories the accounts that did not tweet since that specified time and then it unfollows that category.



Of the Twitter tools unfollowers.com or unfollowers.me is the most straight forward application which allows managing the following list of your twitter account. It has a clean design and lets you display users based on following. This app also has the feature of sending direct messages in Twitter, mention influencers and copy the follower’s list of influencers to grow your community.

But this app only allows you to unfollow 100 accounts in a day as their basic and free package, which is a disadvantage of using this app. If the most of the accounts user is following are inactive, it can result in lot time consumption. On the other hand if this tool is used once then it can be used to cut short the followers list at regular intervals.



Manage Filter is a very famous tool and it has also been featured in top media blogs e.g. Buffer. This tool app has very distinctive feature which allows you to unfollow the twitter accounts which are too much talkative on twitter. This helps the user to get rid of unnecessary tweets and his Twitter newsfeed is more concentrated on the important tweets. Manage Filters have many features but one of them is the coolest as it shows you the number of Twitter user you have followed. That means if you see @vince it displays you the serial number at which you followed Vinceever since the starting of your account.

It also includes different visual filters, which are mostly fun and users love them.



Justunfollowers is the old name of Crowdfire created by Codigami Inc. With the new name the developers also added new features to this Twitter tool but the unfollower feature is still there efficient as the old one. Getting rid of non-followers on twitter and keeping the account clean is the main function of this app. But this tool also has the disadvantage of unfollowing a limited number of twitter profiles in a day, making it time consuming while using the free version.

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