How to Use Private Browsing Mode in Mozilla Firefox

The very Latest version updated of Mozilla Firefox is 30.0 and 31 is in progress. Today we are talking about a Private Browsing Mode offered by Mozilla Firefox. Which could be very useful for all of us to make our surfing strictly private to us only. By using this Private Browsing Mode the browser do not store any kind of data, either it is Browser history-Search history, download history, Web form history, temporary Internet files, or cookies. And I am sure everyone will find it helpful. The steps to use this Private Browsing Mode is as follows:

1Firstly, open the Firefox browser.

2Secondly, Click on the File menu you will see 3rd option saying “New Private Window“, click on it.

Start Private Browsing


Simply right click on the taskbar icon of Firefox and you will see an option in list stated “New Private Window“. Click on it.

3Thirdly, a new private window will appears on screen without closing previous window.

firefox private browsing

4Fourthly, when done using private window simply close it and use your regular browser window.

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