What Are Chatbots?

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are increasingly transforming the way we interact with software. They provide a great business opportunity for both small and large companies. But first, what are Chatbots? Chatbots can be defined as software agents that converse through a chat interface. Now, what that means is that they are software programmes that can have a conversation, which provides some kind of value to the end-user.What Are Chatbots?

The user can interact with the Chatbot by typing in their end of the conversation, or simply by using their voice, depending on the type of Chatbot provided. Virtual Assistants like Apple, Siri or Amazon Alexa are two examples of popular chatbots interacting via voice rather than text.

Typically, the chatbot will greet the user and then invite them to ask some kind of question. When the user replies, the chatbot will praise the input and figure out what’s the intention of the user’s question. Finally, it will respond in some form of consequential or logical manner, either providing information or asking for further details. Before ultimately answering the question.

Great chatbots can keep up this back and forth in a natural way, within the scope of help, the chatbot is designed to do. They make the user feel understood and helped. They create a certain rapport with the user, without pretending to be human. Very often chatbots offer some form of virtual assistants to the user. They provide, maybe customer or sales support, often collecting information from the user to provide some form of service.

For example, Kayak offers a chatbot, that will ask the user trip-relevant questions to simplify the process of booking their travel arrangements. Spotify’s chatbots make it very easy to find songs and share them with your friends on social media. Harper Collins’ Epic Reads is a chatbot, a very fun one actually, that recommends books from their catalogue depending on your favourite authors, books or maybe just the current mood you are in.

And the Starbucks’ chatbot even allows you to order your favourite latte directly through a chat. Aside from assistant type chatbots, there are other type of chatbots, too, such as social bots that interact with users on Twitter, entertainment bots whose main goals is to provide amusement to the user, those developed for research purposes and unfortunately even spam chatbots such as fake users interacting with real ones on dating sites.

The first historic chatbots in the late sixties and early seventies were mostly an exercise in coming up with seemingly intelligent and human-like chatbots with relatively simple technology.

What It Needs To Develop A Chatbot?

While developing the type of chatbot that provides information to customers, as they tend to be quite useful for most businesses. Our chatbot will also use text, rather than audio, to converse with our users.

Since no code is involved, you don’t need to be a programmer to follow along as we go about creating the chatbot together. Of course, if you are a programmer, you will be able to take the chatbot further on your own by improving it and integrating it with other services and APIs.

Before we proceed further, it is worth noting that sometimes, you might hear the word “BOT” rather than chatbot in this course or elsewhere online. Depending on the context, it’s acceptable to use the bot instead of a chatbot to mean the same thing. Nevertheless, the term BOT is more generic and there are software programs that independently perform a certain operation on hour behalf, without being chatbots.

For example, a trader bot might monitor the market for certain conditions and then perform automated stock trading transactions based on that information. That’s not a chatbot. Since no chatting is taking place. So, the conversational element is what makes a bot a chatbot. Many other terms refer to chatbots, such as chatterbot, chatterbox, talkbot, virtual assistant, virtual agent, conversational agent, embodied agent, and even Artificial Conversational entity or its acronym ACE.

And, believe it or not, that’s not even an exhaustive list. Since this is a fast-growing field, new terminologies are always introduced. But I like to keep things simple, So I will generally stick to the chatbot and occasionally bot in this case.

List of best AI Chatbot Apps On Internet

1. Book tickets & pay bills using Niki: Movie Ticket Booking, Postpaid Bill Payment mobile application – 

Talk and get things done OR Transactions done, just by talking

Online payments have never been so easy! Niki is always just a conversation away to guide you through all your payment needs. Just tap on the mic icon and talk to Niki in a language you are comfortable with, to pay postpaid bill, electricity bill, book bus tickets and movie tickets online, utility bill payments, mobile recharge, book bus, hotels and more! so

No lags, no errors, get your tasks done, just by talking. Niki is powered by leading brands like Cleartrip, Redbus, Ticketgoose, Mobikwik, Freecharge, Bookmyshow, Nearby and more.

2. Shop on Chat using Lookup – Shopping on Chat mobile application

LOOKUP was started last December and it has racked up 1.2 million registered users on iOS and Android to date. Of that number, 250,000 are active each month, using the app to connect with some 70,000 merchants that are listed across three cities: Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

3. Get productive using Letz: Tasks Reminder Mobile Application

Letz is the world’s first ACTIVE personal productivity chatbot. This productivity planner strives to boost your productivity daily. Letz will provide you with an artificially intelligent virtual friend that will be committed to transforming you into a more productive person. Lucy is the first chatbot that you will meet in this productivity app. She is a super fun chatbot that will talk to you to make sure that you didn`t forget anything. 

Your assistant is starting your day with the daily agenda the moment you wake up, bringing the emphasis on the most important tasks at hand. Then it catches up on a couple of occasions during the day to make sure you recall writing down the tasks you might have missed. Along the day it reminds you promptly of every single errand, task and meeting thus ensuring you have time to accomplish every single one of them. In the end, it summarizes the day with a daily recap & report thus boosting your self-confidence and embracing you to do achieve more the next day. 

4. Manage Emails Better using ASTRO: AI Meets Email mobile application

Intelligent, a modern email app for Gmail and Office 365 with a chatbot that helps you declutter your inbox and focus on important messages. Modern features, great design: Snooze, Unsubscribe, Send Later, Email Open & Reply Tracking, Priority Inbox, Mute, Customizable Notifications, and more. Astro is the first email app with a built-in chatbot. Astrobot tells you what to unsubscribe from, what to archive, and who to make a VIP, as soon as you add an email address.

5. Get medical help using Your MD Chatbot mobile application

Your.MD is a health tracker and symptom checker powered by Artificial Intelligence which has been developed by doctors and data scientists. It provides instant personalised health information and services, whenever and wherever you need it, for free.

Join the millions of people that have already used Yours. MD to get better and stay healthy.

If you’re feeling sick or looking for answers to your health questions, you can use our AI-powered health chatbot to:

• Check your symptoms and find information on what might be wrong with you or your loved ones
• Ask a question about a specific condition or health issue
• Find more health information in our Health A-Z Library
• Find the best doctors and services for you with our OneStop Health™ partners
• Use our symptom tracker to monitor pain, mood and more

6. Improve your English using Andy English Bot mobile application

Easy way to start talking in English. Practice English with a friendly robot Andy. Study language by actually using it in a conversation. Take the grammar lessons and learn new words every day!

7. Just get smarter using Erwin Chatbot mobile application

Send me a message to get started!

For centuries, human beings found joy in solving problems and finding answers to exciting questions. Erwin, the victorian chatbot that lives in Facebook Messenger, has distilled them into a digestible format. Focused on logic, science and nature, he presents a perfect selection of sophisticated riddles and clues. Do you have what it takes to solve them?

How To Start a Business in the Chatbot Industry?

Let’s start by talking about BOTS. You note these BOTS inside messaging apps and the trend is called the conversational economy. They allow you to do many of the things that mobile apps already do. But they are more convenient because you don’t need to download a different app each time and you use them through a chat interface which is a super familiar interface for millions of people around the world who use smartphones.

To see how different startups pop up in the boring field, we will look at both create value chain backwards, we will start from startups that actually create BOTS as their main product to those that allow you to create BOTS, meaning the technical back-end part and then we will see how many more startups are created all around that value chain.

So, let’s jump right in number one creating a business where the bot is your main product, you can position yourself at the end of the bot value chain by actually creating a bot. Which will be your main startup product. A good example of this is Pancho, Pancho is the only chatbot telling you the weather and probably is not making any money. If more and more people use it, they will be able to do more and more stuff.

And, so probably then they will find a way to monetize it. Another more funny example is ghost board, if you have an annoying date which is texting you all the time, you can direct them to ghost bot which will handle all the conversation for you. He will answer for you things like sorry, I am not available tonight, so you don’t need to put any effort into cutting ties with that verse.

Also, a cool example is the lawyer bot, called Do no pay. It’s a non-profit project but it already helped a hundred sixty thousand people cancel their parking fines. The BOT simply asks your questions about your parking ticket, helps you find errors inside it and explains.

You know you can use them to appear it and works amazing is to realize the disrupt potential because this one is free. But there are thousands of lawyers, specialized in cancelling parking tickets. So I guess they will have to learn some new skills. There will be many more business popping up on specific purposes that the bots can do.

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