What Is Bixby In Samsung? Google Assistant Vs. Siri Vs. Bixby

What Is Bixby In Samsung? Google Assistant Vs. Siri Vs. Bixby – Bixby is a voice assistant by Samsung, only in Samsung Smartphones. You can consider it as a Google Assistant or Siri by Samsung.What Is Bixby In Samsung? Google Assistant Vs. Siri Vs. Bixby

When it comes to queries, it is not as good as Google Assistant, obviously because of the very large database that Google has.

But, when it comes to mobile interface and functioning of the applications in Android, neither Google Assistant nor Siri can beat the Bixby.

We already know, we mean, Samsung has been doing great with hardware, especially on their phones. We kind of just give them that they’re top-notch.

But, it’s the software where we start to have some questions. By now, you know Bixby very well. It has been a couple of months and there have been some updates on Bixby. So, let’s give this a shot. And, mainly we are talking about Bixby Smart Voice Assistant Cylindrical Box.

If you are going to put a smart speaker in someone’s house, you kind of have to make it inviting to not have them freak out about it. But, if we take it out, it looks pretty good. We got some Bixby blue accents, but, it’s nice and dense.

It’s weighted, it’s pretty clean, honestly, it looks like a pretty good smart speaker. There are these buttons at the top and they are blue, I guess there’s no screen kind of Google Assistant or Home Pod.

They all have that little screen at the top. But, you don’t use that, when you are across the room.

So, that’s not we will take into account in this ONLINETECHGURU guide. We have got to get past this beautiful hardware and see if it is Bixby. Bixby is all about it. Because that is what makes or breaks a smart speaker. If the assistant does its job.

What Is Bixby In Samsung? Google Assistant Vs. Siri Vs. Bixby

You can also create a quick command. Step 1 of 3: Record your quick command phrase. On the Bixby main page tap “More” at the top. Then select “Quick Commands.”

On the quick commands screen, select “ADD.” Say the phrase that will trigger your new quick command. Now you are ready to assign what Bixby will do. Next step is to select the command.

Select a command, Say a command, or you may type a command. Add as many as you like, then tap “Save.” Try it out, Wake up Bixby and say your quick command phrase. Then Bixby delivers on all your requests.

Also, you can adjust a conversation. Review your Bixby conversation to get exactly what you want. Start with the voice command. What’s the weather in San Jose?

Swipe down to see how Bixby understands you. If needed, adjust your request, Then Bixby serves up results based on your adjustments.

Get the upcoming info you need. Everything you need in one place. Like when you order a ride.

Hi Bixby, Get me an Uber at the Event Centre. See what’s coming up in your schedule. Get quick access to preference and voice tips. And just tap a card to respond or see more.

The Bixby can also run in the New Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. One of the latest device launched by Samsung.

In Today’s world, work must never stop, so Samsung launched with one simple goal, get more done wherever you are.

The Tab S4 can slip into some pretty small bags, so you can travel light and still get things done.

It also comes with its S Pen right here in the box. Of course, the Tab S4 comes with an adaptive fast charger. The Tab S4 has a sleek design and a large immersive screen.

Why did they make the screen so big? Because, these days, people are choosing to watch more videos on mobile devices.

And size is not the only update. They have made to the Tab S4 as well. We have also narrowed the size and increased the pixel density of the stunning super AMOLED display.

The result is an immersive experience, with an amazing picture quality with more vivid details. Of course, the picture’s only half the entertainment experience.

To ensure you also get the best audio, the Tab S4 has four powerful speakers.

How To Use Bixby?

There are 4 ways to talk to Bixby. There are 4 ways to talk to Bixby. Step one is to press and hold the Bixby button on the side until you finish your command.

Then step two is to simply say “Hi Bixby.”

Then just say what you need, like “Text John.” Step three – if Bixby is already in use, tap the Bixby icon at the bottom of the screen, if you prefer to type to Bixby, press the keyboard button. Then type what you need like “remind me to call John.”

Now, you must have noticed that like its functionality, the method of using the Bixby is also completely different.

You could never notice a button that is specifically designed to help users to activate the Artificial Intelligence Control software in other Android devices.

The most advantageous feature is that it also gets activated as soon as you say Hi Bixby. Just simply as you need to say, Okay Google.

You will easily come to know that Bixby is far better than Google Assistant and Siri when it comes to doing various phone actions and the interface of the smartphone-like opening and closing the apps etc. It’s just integrated way better in the system.

However when it comes to usual queries, Google Assistant is the one to beat. As it has answers to almost every question out there. Plus, it speaks out the most important details rather than showing you the card or the link. Which is what Siri does mostly.

But, if you are having the S8 or Note8 (Obviously Samsung), then you have access to both Bixby and Google Assistant. Undoubtedly, this component gives you the best of the voice assistant. You get Bixby’s interface control and Google Assistant’s Powerful Database. It’s unbeatable.

List of Commands On Bixby

This is not the only limited list of the commands that can perform on Samsung Bixby. Rather, they’re the commands which most probably perform better in Bixby in comparison to Google Assistant or Siri (Apple’s AI) –

  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Download Instagram (or any other application)
  3. Close all recent apps
  4. Set the phone to vibrate
  5. Read my last SMS
  6. Show me notifications from Gmail
  7. Turn off auto-brightness

You will notice that Bixby AI app can help you out with the commands written above and the list is not limited to these commands only.

Now, that is something really impressive. You can control everything on your asset without touching the display even once.

This level of interface control is something that is severely lacking in Google Assistant. And for someone who does not ask questions to Google Assistant, this is very handy.

You can simply go Hi Bixby and can do everything you want on your phone without touching the display.

However, if you are someone who does ask a lot of queries to your voice assistant. Let’s compare how they fare when it comes to usual queries.

  • What’s the weather like?
  • Who is Leonel Messi?
  • Who he’s been married to
  • When is Real Madrid’s Next Game
  • Convert Five United States Dollar into Rupees
  • What is Apple’s Stock Price?

Thus, when it comes to questioning, no one can beat the Google Assistant because it is backed by Google’s Powerful Database? Bixby is not as good as Google Assistant at this point, but it managed to stand its ground because it uses the Google Search Data.

Here are few fun commands as well – Rap for Me. Undoubtedly, when you will use this command, you will come to know that Bixby raps like a boss.

The below provided commands also works best on Bixby –

  1. Hi Bixby, Unlock my phone.
  2. Show me my notifications
  3. Clear all notifications
  4. Open Facebook and show me my notifications
  5. Open the internet app
  6. Go to hollywoodreporter.com
  7. Go back to the home screen
  8. Go to settings
  9. Go to display settings
  10. Change screen mode
  11. Set the screen mode to adaptive display
  12. Open Camera
  13. Go to Camera Settings
  14. Turn on save raw and JPEG files
  15. Go back and take a picture
  16. Open Gallery and show me my latest photo
  17. Close this app
  18. Turn off the screen

Hopefully, with this latest guide of ONLINE TECH GURU media, all your questions related to Bixby Download, Bixby S7, Bixby Home, Bixby Disable, Bixby Vision, Bixby meaning, Bixby voice download and Bixby vs Siri and Bixby vs Google Assistant and Bixby vs Cortana have been answered. But, still, if you’re having any questions regarding What Is Bixby In Samsung? Google Assistant Vs. Siri Vs. Bixby, just do let me know in the comment box provided below.

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