What Is Exact Difference Between Pages & Posts In WordPress

What Is Exact Difference Between Pages & Posts In WordPress: Posts vs Pages: In WordPress – What Is The Actual Difference between the two? So, to illustrate this example, we are going to use some of the content from our website. Sod, you get some insight about what the difference is between the posts and pages and when to use either one in certain situations. All right? So, if we take a look here on our website on India Tech industry, right here on the top, there’s a navigation structure and then the page goes right down there.What Is Exact Difference Between Pages & Posts In WordPress

What Is Exact Difference Between Pages & Posts In WordPress

Now, the simple way to understand or decide when to use posts or pages is that, if you have content that static or content that doesn’t change as frequently, its better to use pages with. When it comes to pages, pages don’t have any authors, they are not any specific categories, there are no tags on the pages that you can do and they are not date-based or date oriented. So, if we go to us about us page, right here at the top, right you can see this is just basically a static page where if we need to update it, it will add another hosting platform or we will add another link. Right here in this area, if we want to add another link.

Or, a resource right here, under the getting started, we can go ahead and just update the page that’s all the pages are about is it’s usually for static based content. Now, we can go deeper into, let’s say more specific areas of let’s say, see all our writing tools or SEO tools for articles. In its page again, and you can see how this page is, set up to be nice and wide. So, that’s one of the other important things to understand about pages is that you also create custom templates or custom structures for those pages. So, if we go to let’s say books here on the top left, you can see that this page is a little bit different, the structure of it is different, it’s again very wide.

But, it doesn’t have that middle column like the resources, you can see this resource has this middle column with white edging. So, it’s a different kind of template, so comparing it to the books over here. You can see, we have created a different template and again as we write another book. We can just pop that book, right under here and add it to the list. If you go to the courses, you can see this is also another page, this is a multi-column page. So, it’s two columns, if we go to the newsletter here again. This is just a little bit different, again its a kind of like the resources page. But, it has different content.

So, you can see how this is a lot different, there are also categories that we have created. So, if we go to authors and writers right here, actually in the training section. If we go to the training section, you can see how this page is completely different, it has again these kinds of little cards. That if you click these cards and let;’s say we go to book covers and design and we hit view course. So, now as you go into this, you can see there’s a few little posts or articles that people can click and watch this little mini couple of video series that we have right there.

So, those are the pages, but you can see that if we click these pages, we look at let’s say resources. THere’s no person or author, that says we wrote this. There’s no specific date to them, but they can have their own templated if you go to the blog, which is typically the posts in here. You can see that is structured and they have their date. So, like this, one was published on 25th July 2019 and if we click through these, you can see that it will also have the author right there.

Now, you can also include tags, we have decided to hide tags in here. You can also put them inside a category which you can see, there’s a category right here. So, if we go ahead and let’s say, click basics of building a blog business on the right. It will list all of the base building blog business posts and in these posts, you will see that the structure is the same meaning the template is the same that they are all set up.

This way, where there’s a left as you scroll down, they are all structured, the same and then as you click through into any one of them, whether you are clicking into this one that was published in 2015. The structure is the same, where they have the content there on the Left. They have that little navigation on the right, so you, it’s kind of two-column, but as you scroll down, you kind of get into that area.

And, if you go to another one, let’s just say, it’s again the same thing, where you have – let’s click this one why most internet bloggers fail and never make any money. When you click this one again, it’s the same thing, it’s a double column and on the left side, is where most of your content is right there. So, they are set up in the same manner to the point, where you know you don’t have a different kind of template and as you go into editing, some of these things and we will just show you the back end here.

When, we go into posts, and we see all the posts, you can see here, we can schedule these posts right. So, we can schedule them and go out, so you will see that we have some things that are scheduled far out. There’s a lot of posts that are scheduled, you can also do the categories over here. So, if we look at the categories, here are the categories of where we can add those posts to whereas if we go into pages right here. And, you just click pages you can see the settings. There are not as many settings now, we have a little plugin here, to manage our pages, a little bit better. But, when we go into this, you know, there’s no specific way to categories these.

Even after reading this in-depth guide, still, if you hold any doubt regarding What Is Exact Difference Between Pages & Posts In WordPress, just make sure to let us know your question in the comment box below. Also Read: Why Is It Important To Write Long-Form Content On Your Website?

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