What Is Intranet?

What Is Intranet?

So, there’s the internet. We’re sure you’ve heard of it. It is that global system of networks that connects the entire world but what connects different parts of a particular company or organization. That’s called an Intranet. The intranet is a computer network that shares information services and systems within an organization.

Intranets utilize familiar internet protocols so HTTP web services email and file transferring can be found there. It can be thought of as a private extension of the internet confined to one institution and just as the Internet has changed the way. The world works intranets have changed.What Is Intranet?

The way corporations operate especially regarding collaboration project management and customer relationship management to name just a few. Intranets are usually handled in house, managed by the communications. Human Resources or IT Facets of a company and because of the intricacy and diversity of content. Many intranets are much more complex than their company’s public websites. So, maintaining it oftentimes requires a total team effort but the benefits of concentration on a now indispensable aspect of modern business are many for instance.

Collaboration is enhanced because the intranet makes data accessible throughout the organization allowing for easier teamwork corporate culture is democratized. Because the same information is made available to every employee. The bottom line is enhanced since all the information needed for employee manuals requisition forms contact lists and more can be accessed electronically through the intranet.

This saves costs on the likes of printing and distribution time also saved. Because data can be reached on an as-needed basis and processes such as benefits enrollment are centralized and expedited. Combined all these assets and more and overall workplace productivity and operations are optimized and it has not taken long for corporations to realize the true potential of Intranets.

Beyond simply storing central documents in one place, Intranets have become communication hubs for many organizations, prompting some to hire companies that will socialize their intranet and augment correspondence. Amongst the personnel, the most common software used for an intranet is Microsoft SharePoint, which is estimated to be responsible for half of the intranets in use.

Later in this guide, we will tell you about SharePoint as well, in-depth. But many companies are now turning to vendors that specialize in intranet software. So as you can see the concept behind intranet do not only affect the global network when applied within enterprises through the form of the intranet. These same principles provide innovation and improvement on a much smaller, more contained scale.

Difference between the Internet, a network, and an Intranet?

There are few terminologies, you must get through the first of all straight away. Three different words were are going to cover here are the Internet, Network and Intranet. And, it is related to what we are talking about. It could be a little bit confusing. So, on the one hand, we have computer networks, those computer networks consist of computers that are physically connected and their use so that might pay the question. What is the internet?

So, and why would we use these two terms at all. Why not just the internet is a computer network but why would we still refer to computer networks separately. And, so the key distinction here is that, when we talk about a single computer network, we are talking about usually administrative and control and maintenance of a particular network. That is part of the broader internet.

So, for example, in any X building, there is the UB computer network, that is a network that is administered, installed, maintained and to some degree I should say to some degree entirely funded by the University of Buffalo. So they are paying for the installation of the computer network. The maintenance of the computer network and that the computer network is sort of owned by them.

So you know here’s for example, you know, in this network campus and you know downtown there might be another. There are other campus networks for the other universities in the area. Most probably universities are having their campus network, these are an example of different computer networks. Now, when we talk about the internet, the word internet is short of the internetwork. So, it is a connection between different networks.

The internet came about partially because there were existing computer networks and people wanted agreements about how those computer networks could connect. And, build a much larger network that could exchange data. And, so you B’s campus network is part of a broader internet. It is connected to other networks that are administered by other entities and those networks connected, connected.

You know the broader internet right. So, the internet consists of all these computer networks. It might have one, you know, another campus for example buff state may have its own another one. I am not sure, these are connected, but when you think about all the different networks that are run by different companies, different organizations, all connected across the world.

This makes up the broader internet or broader internetwork. So, you read about the internet and we are talking about something much bigger than any organization, much bigger than any country. It is an agreement, it is a global cooperative of networks that have decided.

It would be better if we all connected together so that we could exchange data with each other and we could bring, you know, billions of people online into the same computer or network system when we talk about a computer network, on the other hand, we are usually talking about a network that belongs to. It is maintained by a signal, organization or a single entity, the final word that mixes in a little bit here is intranet and this word is probably the least interesting.

From our perspective, because what an intranet refers to is the fact that when organizations connect their computer networks, together to the broader internet. They don’t necessarily expose all of the information or all of the resources that are present within their private computer network.

So, UB might say for example – I agree to be a part of the broader internet because it’s super useful for computers that are connected to my network to exchange data will all the other computers on the internet. However, I have some private internal websites that are for faculty or staff views.

That is not appropriate to expose to the broader internet and those resources and know that those resources can be computers, those resources can be data, those resources can be various services. This all makes up what is called an intranet. So, Intranet refers to the fact that unless you are physically connected to a particular computer network, certain resources may not be available to you.

So, three terms, intranet not necessarily super related to what we are doing, Internetwork or Internet a network of computer networks that agree to exchange data in common ways and a computer network refers to a single computer, network computers that are physically usually connected operated, maintained by a single organization or entity. So here we finally conclude – what is the difference between the internet, a network and an intranet?

What is SharePoint and Why We Use It

Microsoft SharePoint Online 2018 is probably the latest version. What is SharePoint and why do we use it? People work with SharePoint in various ways. Microsoft SharePoint is a lot more than just an application installed on your computer.

SharePoint is a platform to create powerful websites and with those, you will have access to features allowing you and your team to work well together. It’s not installed on your computer locally, rather we connect to it through a browser. Now, this could be your personal computer, a mobile device or a tablet and it lives on the server for many SharePoint.

A most useful feature is collaboration and sharing, we can create workflows and automate tasks that we do daily to help us stay organized and save time. We can also use it as a place to store documents and only have one version of that document to accomplish this. We create websites SharePoint. Sometimes, however, we do not use SharePoint from a browser it can be used with other office applications that we already have.

We can create and save documents in word, excel. We can integrate calendars, for example, an Outlook, we can save documents from Powerpoint access and we can even create shared notebooks using OneNote, one of the coolest parts about this type of management is the ability to access these documents from anywhere. So, again what is SharePoint? Let’s begin by saying that we use Microsoft Sharepoint to create websites. We create websites or team sites that are a commonplace for people to work together. Store and save documents, find information, that they need and so on.

There’s just so much that we can do, we can create site collections with many different websites and subsites and then invite members of our team to work on a site and easily collaborate. It is all about sharing. We have the use of content controls version control is easy because our content has easily accessed with a single source providing one current document.

SharePoint provides awesome search capabilities allowing us to search all of the content that we have created and all of our content can live in SharePoint. How do we find it? We search for it when we create documents. We can search for them in a particular library. Or a larger scope, a site or we can even search on all the sites that we have access to. commonplace

But, because we have gathered all of this content in one place, we can gain insight that we couldn’t attain if, for example, it was sitting on people’s desktops or in their email inboxes. Even on shared networks different versions of SharePoint allow us to gain insight from the data that we have stored in SharePoint in different ways. Depending on which version you are using. commonplace

We will explain the different versions that are available at this time in a future video. We will be focussing mainly on SharePoint Online. We also have what are called composites and the ability to design and create exciting things with SharePoint, that could be very business-specific. network

Composites truly make SharePoint useful in the business setting, we can create customized content custom lists, custom libraries, using all kinds of custom apps to best meet our needs. We can then invite people to specific communities allowing us to manage our content and gain insight about what we have created. So, again Microsoft SharePoint is a lot more than just an application installed on your computer and that’s what is SharePoint and why we use it.

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