Everything You Need to Know About Video Calling Feature of WhatsApp

Yes the news is real: WhatsApp is about to launch it’s most desired and forever awaited feature; the Video Calling option. And why shouldn’t it? It is already the best social communications networking messenger in the market and with the video calling feature it will become invincible! The very announcement that WhatsApp is going to launch its video calling feature led to a rampant search over the internet by many loyal users. Research shows how users have been eagerly searching for the video calling feature over the net before its inception even. The hype is on. And everyone is ready for this revolutionary feature’s arrival.

Evolution of WhatsApp

Initially like all smart projects, WhatsApp was started by a bunch of tech engineers that just happened upon this revolutionary messenger idea and built on it. However, it was later on bought by Facebook which built further on its usage and platform. Although WhatsApp was always meant to be used on the high-end smart phone range, but Facebook was able to change that and now WhatsApp is available to every smart phone platform in the world like QMobile, HTC and even Windows operated phones. It is now compatible with a number of defining systems although it started off with only Android as its platform. Today, WhatsApp can be found on iOS systems and even Blackberry phones along with many others.

Soon the question arose about WhatsApp being available to lower end phones as well. The over whelming response found via searches on the internet assured WhatsApp developers that they have to expand even further and eventually they did. Now WhatsApp is available on almost every mid range to high range phone found in the market. Moreover, WhatsApp is also available on Android run Tablets and iPads. However withiPads, one needs to find a jail broken version which is easily available nowadays. The philosophy is simple and coincides with Facebook; WhatsApp is open to all. Everyone is able to connect without any discrimination within phone systems. With this being said, video calling through WhatsApp will leave behind all other competitors in the market.

whatsapp video calling

Voice Calls to Video Calls

With over 700 million active users and the number is ever increasing, WhatsApp has managed to take over most of themarket hence leaving behind other messengers like Hike, Viber and Skype.

Only recently having released the voice calling feature, WhatsApp has become an increasingly favorite messenger application for many users. The voice clarity is amazing and the connectivity is better than most others also. Other than iphone users that need jailbroken phones, the feature works perfectly well all on kinds of smart phones from Nokia to HTC and even QMobiles. All you need to do is download WhatsApp on to your gadget, make an account and then avail this feature without any added costs. Unlike other messengers, WhatsApp tends to work smoothly without any major troubleshoot problems. Moreover, it requires very little data coverage hence reducing phone bill costs as well.

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Other than these, WhatsApp has also launched its web services for people who like to multitask over one gadget. The web services allow you to stay connected with your friends over your laptop’s browser while at the same time work on your projects or other activities. The Web service unlike other messengers does not require an additional application download over your desktop. It can be accessed from any PC which has a strong internet connection and a web browser. Although the web services don’t support voice calls but you can easily send voice notes.

Video Clips and Video Calls

Although video calling has not yet been launched as yet, but you can easily send short videos to your recipients. These short videos work in the same manner as you send someone a picture, audio, contact or your location. However big your video file is, WhatsApp has the capacity to lower its size down for easy sharing. You can also watch a preview of the video and even crop it up along with adding a caption before sending it.

Since WhatsApp is compatible with sending multiple video clips and making voice calls, there is a high likely hood that video calling will not be that big of an issue when the feature does get launched. It would work very similar to other messengers that have already launched the video calling feature like Viber and Skype.

Occasionally people have asked in many forums about whether it will be possible or not to attend video calls from some specific people. The answer is quite simple; yes it will be very well possible. To understand this feature better you can check Skype’s settings because it allows users to block calls from unwanted users and only allow calls from a specific list of people. At the same time you will also have the option of blocking specific users from video calling you like you have the option in WhatsApp currently for blocking users collectively.

Like Skype, the voice calling feature and the video calling feature automatically get installed on the phone in pone go. Something similar will happen with WhatsApp as well and you will not have to install multiple application portals to be able to video call around with your contacts.


With recent interventions in the WhatsApp application’s life span, it is most certainly showing signs of heading in the direction of video calling. With Facebook to back it up, the world will see more form of internal integration between the two social media outlets. One day it seems that we will also be able to easily interlink both Facebook and WhatsApp contact with each other. However, unlike Facebook messenger, WhatsApp will have the advantage of using lesser data packages compared to the Facebook messenger. Moreover, with WhatsApp video calling one will also have the option of selecting the video quality on our own to manage data charges accordingly; a feature not available in Facebook messenger.

Having understood the concept of video calling, one can surely see that the concept is not very intricate but in fact its inception into the market will revolutionize the workings of WhatsApp forever.

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