Wileyfox Swift smart phone review

We did not hear the word Wileyfox in the market of the smart phone as it is a very new company who is making the android smart phones and this company belongs to UK which is also discover to smart phones in the market which is one smart phone is Strom and the second is Swift. These smart phones are not the simple smart phones the smart phone are the first smart phone who is running there handset on the latest and the newest Cyanogen which is based on operating system 12.1 which is also the top version of the android 5.0 lollipop version.

 Wileyfox Swift review wileyfox swift storm

These smart phones has many more feature which also attract the user and make them happy with the latest technologies and the user think that these smart phones are so costly, but the price of Wileyfox Storm phones is very less range and all these features are high ranged, therefore it is very cheap as compare to the price of these smart phones. The features of these smart phones are very decent and the design is also very simple that attract the user and these smart phones comes only in black color. The company is very new in the market that is the reason why the company gave the advanced feature with low range so that many of the users can attract and buy these smart phones.

This will create the publicity of the company and make the company comes on the top . Now if we talk about the feature of the smart phone then first feature of the phone is that it has 5.5” IPS FHD which is there to help the screen of the smart phone with the external damages and also it has corning gorilla glass 3, which is used to protect the phone. The power of the smart phone is there processor and it is made up of Octa core processor which is the latest processor in the market.

Wileyfox Swift

This processor is completely based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset which is very important for the processor. These smart phone also one more feature that make these phone more attractive for those who love to play games on smart phones, it has gaming application which help the smart phone to install very big games as it has Adreno 405 GPU. In this smart phone the RAM capacity is calculated to 3GB RAM and which is used to for the processor and also increase the speed of the device.  As we talk about the storage capacity of the device then it is calculated to 32 GB and which can be expandable up to 128 GB with the help of Micro SD card slot. Now we are going to discuss about the feature of the camera then the resolution of the camera of the rear is calculated to 20 megapixels and if we talk about the clarity of the images then it is as clearer as the full HD images are clear. Now for the front camera the resolution is calculated as the 8 mega pixels and also there is more features that is it has flash light in it which also help to take image by seeing your face in the display at the time of low light. This is very much useful at the time of the video calling and as we talk about the connectivity of the device then it has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and 4G etc. which is very useful for the connectivity.

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