WordPress Vs Blogger, Which is better place to start a free blog?

There are numerous blogging platforms but only there are two who have win everyone’s heart because of the innovative features provided by them for absolutely free. Yes, I am talking abut WordPress andBlogger.  There is a huge competition between them. So below are the features of both WordPress and Blogger, now you decide which is the better one?


Google owns blogger and thus it applies its policies on it. The biggest advantage of creating a blog with blogger is that it hardly takes up to 10 minutes to create a blog.


1- It allows you create account frequently and you can easily add pages and posts. It is quite easy to use different designs utilizing templates and layouts.

2- Domain name with blogger account is ‘Yourblogname.blogspot.in’ but it allows you select the domai0n name of your choice with $10 per year and connect your blogger account with the personalized domain name.  The foremost advantage is that you need not worried about the hosting cost.

3- In this, no coding is required. It supports features which a simple blog do have. If you have any blogger account, then you need not any kind of technical background. Currently, blogger supports templates and you can also use different layouts to customize these templates.


4- In this, you can easily add gadgets like news, weather reports, videos, slide shows and search box. All this can be added with a single click. If you will smartly arrange these gadgets, you will succeed to create a good blog.

5- You can even make money with your blogger account by integrating AdSense directly from your blog and after the activation, you can make money.

6- With blogger account,Google owns all your data. If Google finds anything violation, it shuts your account without even notifications.


WordPress is well known as (CMS content management system). It is an open source and thus offer full customization. There are two types of wordpress one is wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Both shares the same owner. WordPress.com is something like blogger and offer free hosting and domain name. From WordPress.org, you can download versions of wordpress and can start your site or blog with the server you have.

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1- WordPress is totally free and all you need is a hosting plan and a domain name. It offers single click installation upgrade and remove your WordPress platform.

2- If you are planning for a business website, then the domain name should indicates an authority and for that an ideal option is to opt for personalized domain names.

3- WordPress remove all limitations. It is an open source and if you know coding, then you can create things of your choice. It offers near about thousands of themes. You can also opt for premium if you want a professional blog.

4- It supports thousands of plugins and gadgets. You can easily install and activate plugin of your need. Plugins do additional functions. It makes your website really functional and alluring too. Its quite easy to add a plugin of your desire.

5- You can also integrate AdSense account with your wordpress site. Blogs powered by wordpress can be customized in an excellent way. Alluring websites or blogs pull traffic and increase earnings.

6- You can own your domain name and hosting plan. You can put things of your desire and no one is authorized to close your account.

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