Top 7 Best YouTube Alternative video hosting websites

Best YouTube Alternative Video Hosting Websites

Best YouTube Alternatives, Did you know? YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google. It is consistently an important part of our lives. And, there is almost nothing that you cannot find on YouTube. There are billions of videos in the YouTube database, and millions of videos are uploaded on a daily basis. However, there are times when we search for some specific content or try to catch the behind the scene nerds and geeks but unable to get back with the relevant results.

Then, what we are going to do?

We use the YouTube alternatives, and here we bring you the list of those alternative websites.

7 Best YouTube Alternative websites

Youtube Alternatives - Best YouTube Alternative websites

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo - 7 Best YouTube Alternative websites

Vimeo is the greatest alternative to YouTube and it is also advertisement free! Then Vimeo is the spot for you should you be trying to find quality videos. Naturally, it is free of cost, but there are several regulations that you must understand before start using the channel. You can just upload 500 MB videos free of charge. It’ll enable you to upload 5 to 20 GBs per week according to what plan you choose.

  1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion - 7 Best YouTube Alternative websites

Dailymotion ranks second after YouTube with more than 120 million users worldwide. Surprisingly lots of people are not entirely aware of it. The appearances of it are not quite distinct from YouTube. All you need to do is go with it and register an account. That should be enough for a single video although it has a sixty-minute limitation. You can even have your videos deleted if you own the motion maker account. You can make money if you have got just a little business acumen.

  1. Metacafe

Metacafe - 7 Best YouTube Alternative websites

Lots of us might believe that this can be a recognisable name because it’s among the earliest sites that have been there for uploading videos. Yes, it’s older than YouTube. No, isn’t expired in spite of YouTube that is an exemplary purpose within their favour. It lets you see videos but cannot let you upload. Therefore, should you be looking to upload content, then this may not be your most suitable choice.

  1. Flickr

Flickr - 7 Best YouTube Alternative websites

It is a classic platform that has been set up in the year 2004. Additionally, it lets you save videos right now although it was initially a website meant for images only. It is quite distinctive from uploading pictures. Hence, it is better one should take the tutorial how to upload the video to Flickr. Signing up is recommended if you don’t have an account. After you have signed up, it is possible to upload a variety of images and videos. You are going to have an advertising free account with enough space if you upgrade as the free account is restricted with 1TB storage space only. Also, it is an exceedingly dependable website with outstanding content.

  1. Viddler

This can be a great platform for those people who are into running a company. It therefore, lets you advertise your videos to the appropriate audience and is exceptionally professional. In addition, it allows you to add comments to your videos straight away and analyze your audience through its advertising tools. It undoubtedly is value for money although it is not free. All things considered, professionalism never came free.

  1. Veoh

It lets you post videos of indeed any size and it can be shared right away. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice to all the existing small social media alternatives. In addition, it allows you to chat with others in groups and newsgroups through comments, add friends and locate individuals of common interest. It’s excellent music, pictures and AV groups. Although, it is flooded with advertisements that left you irritated in a small span of time.


Seems simple right? This website was also started in 2005 like Flickr and continues to be renamed to currently. A lot of film previews may also be located over here. Right now, isn’t welcoming new enrollments and therefore, upload anything ca be clearly noted but this can be your very best bet if you need to browse fantastic views. Lots of talk regarding the website had been going on to shut down the platform, but that apparently did not happen because the site can be obtained with an extremely substantial number of new movie previews to the viewers/users.

So, it was a quick list of Top 7 YouTube Alternative websites that I hope you find helpful. If there is another website like them worth mentioning in the list, do let us know in a comment box below.

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