Have fun with these – Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

When we talk about the best video sharing sites online then there is no other name than YouTube that surfaces in our minds, right? With the evolution of the digital world and smart devices, it is quite difficult to rank better and monetize quickly on YouTube. Therefore, we need to use some powerful strategies and ideas to have a better experience on using YouTube.

Therefore, in this comprehensive blog, we bring you Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks for 2016. This blog is not another piece of article to increase the traffic but brings you some of the best tricks to working on YouTube.

Regardless, you are using the YouTube purely as a medium of enjoyment or interested in making some profits from the YouTube channel.

You will find these tricks and tips quite helpful in every regard.

  1. You can bypass Regional and Age Restriction without Logging In

Youtube content warning - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

It often happens when we browse the YouTube without login. We came across individual videos that are on territorial or age limit (limited access). Also, to access such videos, it is imperative to log in.

For instance, in the following YouTube URL:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZyAB2KFDls (it is just an example)

Replace the “=” with “/” and remove the “watch”. When you made these changed then the URL will look something like following:


With this URL you can easily bypass the age and regional restrictions as without sign in you can watch the videos on YouTube.

  1. You can Extract the GIF file from any YouTube Video

youtube gif - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

GIFs are small clipped media files of animals or any movie or TV series.

Follow these instructions to extract the.GIF from a YouTube channel.

– Go to the YouTube.com, Open any video and look at the URL (on the address bar)

– Now add the “gif” word just before the “YouTube” world in the URL and hit the enter button.

– It will take you to the GIF.com website where the same video will re-open, and you can set the start and end time of the clip. Here at gif.com you can even further edit your clipped media file.

  1. Operate your YouTube from the Keyboard but How?

youtube tv - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

Does it sound weird? However, you can manage YouTube site entirely from your keyboard.

You must be Thinking How?

Well, follow these steps:

Warning – It might be tough to operate through the keyboard as its User Interface is not keyboard friendly.

– Go to youtube.com and “/tv” just after the “youtube.com” in the URL.

– Else, you can also add “/leanback” after the “Youtube.com” in the URL.

Both will bring you the same result.

After adding these words, just start using the arrow buttons to operate the YouTube channel. When you press the left arrow, you can access the menu and the categories.

  1. The Easiest way to Download the YouTube Videos

Yes, YouTube does not allow to download its videos. However, certain online applications let you do so.

Download youtube viedios - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

However, why you should go this much hassle. Only follow these steps:

Normal video URL = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgdtbeix

Now, add the “ss” just before the “Youtube” in the URL.

New video URL = http://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=sgdtbeix

As soon as you hit the enter button, then you will be redirected to the third party website. From there you can download the YouTube video.

  1. Embed the Video of “Particular” Size

When you embed the video that it will take the size as per the screen size but you also have the option to embed the video of “particular” size.

youtube embed - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

It is easy. Just follow the guidance below:

– Visit the YouTube video URL

– Just below the video, you will find the “share” button. Click on it and Embed code will appear.

– Now, just below the embed code, you will find “show more” option. Click on it and you will see “advanced options”.

Then from the drop down menu select the size of the video, which is pre-defined. Alternatively, you can just choose “Customize size” and insert your desired dimensions.

  1. You Can Add Customised Start and End Time in YouTube Embed Video

Due to the relevancy of the content, sometimes we wanted to use only a few seconds clip to be displayed on the whole video.

Embed Width - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

In that case, most of the use the online tools or video editors to extract the clips.

However, you can do it the easiest way. Learn the trick!

– Just copy the embed code of the YouTube video and paste it into notepad.

For instance,

<iframe width=”450″ height=”215″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/jnsjjsvbassh” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Now, add the “start” and “end” time like following:

For instance,

<iframe width=”450″ height=”215″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/jnsjjsvbassh?start=133&end=160” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

You just required adding the – “?start=133&end=160”

Note : the number indicate the seconds only.

  1. Make Your YouTube Dance

Do the Harlem Shake - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

Have you heard about “do the Harlem shake” Simply enter these quotes in your YouTube search bar and press enter button. It will start playing the Harlem song. Along the song, YouTube will start dancing.

Now, as per the beats, the whole page will start dancing.

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  1. Doge Meme – What the Heck It Is?

If you love colors or would like to entertain yourself a little bit. I guess, it is a right trick for you to use at the moment then.

Just go to YouTube.com and in the search bar type “Doge Meme” and hit the enter button.

Doge Meme - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

It will immediately convert the existing font style into “Comic Sans”. Also, it makes the entire page colorful.

  1. How to Disable the Related Videos?

Sometimes, it is annoying when YouTube suggest the relevant videos after watching an “XYZ” video.

Like me, if you also find them irritating then you have the option to disable these related videos.

Go to the Embed video code.

For instance,

<iframe width=”450″ height=”215″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/jnsjjsvbassh” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Now, you can simply add small text “rel=0” in the same embed code.

It will be like this then:

<iframe width=”450″ height=”215″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/jnsjjsvbassh?rel=0”frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Warning – It does not work when you add the command in a normal video URL, but when we add the same command in embed code then it worked like a charm.

  1. Fun with – “Use the Force, Luke.”

It is another fun trick that you can use for your entertainment on your YouTube page. On your YouTube search bar enter “Use the Force, Luke” and the entire page will start shifting randomly.

Use the Force Luke - Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

It is an excellent time-pass. When you hit enter after entering tab the “Use the Force, Luke” the page’s content will start displacing.


These are the Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks for 2016 listed here exclusively. You can enjoy them as per your convenience or entertainment.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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